Swastika IO Admin: A Free Admin Dashboard

Swastika is a free admin dashboard built with Bootstrap 4.

ModularAdmin: A Free Dashboard Theme Built On Bootstrap 4

ModularAdmin is a free dashboard theme built on Bootstrap 4

Material Dashboard Lite: A free dashboard template with material design lite

Material admin template is absolutely free for commercial usage theme, that uses google's implementation of material design.

Dashboards by Keen IO: collection of responsive dashboard templates

Dashboards by keen is an attractive collection of custom analytics dashboards that's ready to be shown to your team or your customers.

Sing App Html5 Lite: an open-source admin dashboard template

Sing App HTML5 Lite is a completely free and open-source admin dashboard template with stylish design.

Light Blue Dashboard Lite: a html5 framework Free and Open Source Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Light Blue Dashboard Lite is a world first admin template with transparent design and deep background.

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Carbon: An Elegant Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Carbon is a free admin template based on Bootstrap 4.

Admin Templates




Vali: A Free Bootstrap 4 admin/dashboard template

Vali is a free, modular and easy to customize admin theme built using Bootstrap 4, SASS and Pug.js.

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Charisma: A Free, responsive, multiple skin admin template

Charisma is a Free, premium quality, responsive, multiple skin admin template.

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