ElaAdmin: a responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template ElaAdmin: a responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template ElaAdmin: a responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template ElaAdmin: a responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

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ElaAdmin is a responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template. It provides you with a collection of ready to use code snippets and utilities, custom pages, loads of charts, dashboard variations, a collection of applications and some useful widgets. ElaAdmin is licensed under The MIT License (MIT). Which means that you can use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the final products. But you always need to state that Colorlib is the original author of this template.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Japonica #d37c64 rgb(211,124,100)
De York #94c795 rgb(148,199,149)
Metallic Copper #672d1d rgb(103,45,29)
Dune #393431 rgb(57,52,49)
Tonys Pink #e78d86 rgb(231,141,134)
Eucalyptus #29a64c rgb(41,166,76)
Pewter #99a9a1 rgb(153,169,161)
Eastern Blue #1ca8bc rgb(28,168,188)
Tundora #4c4c4c rgb(76,76,76)
Picton Blue #3aa1e6 rgb(58,161,230)
Saffron #f6c628 rgb(246,198,40)
Cascade #96a6a8 rgb(150,166,168)
Eucalyptus #21a74c rgb(33,167,76)
Sirocco #667a7a rgb(102,122,122)
Downy #67c7a7 rgb(103,199,167)
Indigo #5e6ec1 rgb(94,110,193)
Gray #928c8c rgb(146,140,140)
Caribbean Green #06c193 rgb(6,193,147)
Dull Lavender #ac8ce3 rgb(172,140,227)
Caribbean Green #06c293 rgb(6,194,147)
Regent Gray #909ca7 rgb(144,156,167)
Deep Sea #038061 rgb(3,128,97)
Ship Gray #37353a rgb(55,53,58)
Dull Lavender #ac8de2 rgb(172,141,226)
Cerulean #07acea rgb(7,172,234)
Ship Cove #7c8ebc rgb(124,142,188)
Eucalyptus #21a84d rgb(33,168,77)
Fiord #44546e rgb(68,84,110)
Spray #7ed8ec rgb(126,216,236)
Downy #6cd4bc rgb(108,212,188)
Manatee #9c9ca0 rgb(156,156,160)
Mountain Meadow #14bc8c rgb(20,188,140)
Aquamarine Blue #72e2c4 rgb(114,226,196)
Chambray #3c5b98 rgb(60,91,152)
Pink Swan #baabae rgb(186,171,174)
Caribbean Green #07c192 rgb(7,193,146)
Cape Cod #343c3c rgb(52,60,60)
Turkish Rose #bc6a73 rgb(188,106,115)
Downy #57d1b0 rgb(87,209,176)
Tapa #7c7872 rgb(124,120,114)
Mountain Meadow #10bf90 rgb(16,191,144)
Ship Gray #454448 rgb(69,68,72)
Chestnut Rose #d05d6c rgb(208,93,108)

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