Admindek: a Clean and Minimal Looking Admin Template Admindek: a Clean and Minimal Looking Admin Template Admindek: a Clean and Minimal Looking Admin Template Admindek: a Clean and Minimal Looking Admin Template

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Admindek is a powerful clean and minimal-looking free admin template for your up and coming application and other online projects. If a dashboard is the last piece of the puzzle, here you have a spectacular one that will take care of your needs and display all the info, stats and other whatnots beautifully and stunningly. Needless to say, Admindek is also 100% responsive and mobile-ready, appearing on multiple different devices smoothly. It adjusts in an instant and acclimatizes to modern web browsers like a charm.

What’s more, Admindek comes with a ton of useful widgets that will cover all segments of your project. Besides, you can comfortably adjust the look and the elements to your needs. It is a Bootstrap based admin template with an overall massive collection of UI elements and even predefined pages for your convenience.

Pitifully, till the date of publication, there's no download package available, however, if you are smart enough you can use a Scrapper to download the source of the demo website.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Picton Blue #449ff5 rgb(68,159,245)
Empress #86787c rgb(134,120,124)
Blue Whale #043c44 rgb(4,60,68)
Ebony Clay #233241 rgb(35,50,65)
Polo Blue #8fb4d1 rgb(143,180,209)
Turquoise #30d9b4 rgb(48,217,180)
Shuttle Gray #555f67 rgb(85,95,103)
Genoa #14705c rgb(20,112,92)
Ebony Clay #253342 rgb(37,51,66)
Carnation #f6566c rgb(246,86,108)
Scooter #39bcd5 rgb(57,188,213)
Gull Gray #95afb5 rgb(149,175,181)
Cerulean #06bad3 rgb(6,186,211)
Ebony Clay #243241 rgb(36,50,65)
Casablanca #fab44e rgb(250,180,78)
Turquoise #30d6b4 rgb(48,214,180)
Shuttle Gray #515c67 rgb(81,92,103)
Cerulean #06bdd6 rgb(6,189,214)
Ebony Clay #243040 rgb(36,48,64)
Saffron Mango #fabf63 rgb(250,191,99)
Casablanca #fab651 rgb(250,182,81)
Shuttle Gray #5a6f80 rgb(90,111,128)
Biscay #15385d rgb(21,56,93)
Ebony Clay #232e3e rgb(35,46,62)
Polo Blue #9ab5d4 rgb(154,181,212)
Turquoise #34d9b4 rgb(52,217,180)
Shuttle Gray #54646c rgb(84,100,108)
Rhino #2c485c rgb(44,72,92)
Shuttle Gray #525c6c rgb(82,92,108)
Dodger Blue #449cfc rgb(68,156,252)
Mountain Meadow #1cbc9c rgb(28,188,156)
Shuttle Gray #535d6c rgb(83,93,108)
Genoa #11735f rgb(17,115,95)
River Bed #4c5961 rgb(76,89,97)
Catskill White #f0f3f8 rgb(240,243,248)
Cornflower Blue #479af5 rgb(71,154,245)
Oslo Gray #818a93 rgb(129,138,147)
Robin's Egg Blue #04bcd3 rgb(4,188,211)
Ebony Clay #232c3c rgb(35,44,60)
Carnation #f35772 rgb(243,87,114)
Mountain Meadow #1cbc9b rgb(28,188,155)
Dusty Gray #b79fa9 rgb(183,159,169)
Eternity #20190f rgb(32,25,15)
Shuttle Gray #5d6169 rgb(93,97,105)
Casablanca #f6b556 rgb(246,181,86)

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