Concept: a Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Concept: a Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Concept: a Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Concept: a Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard

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A free admin template like Concept is ready and set to put you on top. Whether it is an eCommerce business, financial, sales or social media project you are working on, Concept is here to sort you out. What’s impressive about Concept is the fact that it is actually four-in-one kind of a template. In other words, once you download it and put it to use, you will notice that there are four dashboards at your service. Pick the one that suits your needs and start from there. Of course, if you fancy Concept but you would like to use it for something different, by all means, adjust and edit it to your likings.

Concept is packed with features, like icons, UI elements, charts, tables, forms, maps and many internal pages. As for the latter, Concept comes with invoice, sign up, calendar and login sections to name a few.

The color palette of this template is composed by 39 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Picton Blue #55acef rgb(85,172,239)
Manatee #9899a4 rgb(152,153,164)
Cloud Burst #232c4b rgb(35,44,75)
Comet #5d5f75 rgb(93,95,117)
Cranberry #db5894 rgb(219,88,148)
Cornflower Blue #6074fc rgb(96,116,252)
Santas Gray #9b9ca4 rgb(155,156,164)
Haiti #0c0c2c rgb(12,12,44)
Comet #605c80 rgb(96,92,128)
Tickle Me Pink #fc6c9c rgb(252,108,156)
Cornflower Blue #4c6ef3 rgb(76,110,243)
Manatee #8a8b99 rgb(138,139,153)
Haiti #0c0c2b rgb(12,12,43)
Comet #5d5e72 rgb(93,94,114)
French Rose #ed4a7e rgb(237,74,126)
Blue Violet #4848b6 rgb(72,72,182)
Jumbo #84848c rgb(132,132,140)
Ebony #141432 rgb(20,20,50)
Mulled Wine #4c4c6c rgb(76,76,108)
Portage #98aced rgb(152,172,237)
Royal Blue #616ce3 rgb(97,108,227)
Waterloo #878796 rgb(135,135,150)
Comet #5a5b77 rgb(90,91,119)
Can Can #d99cb8 rgb(217,156,184)
French Rose #ec447c rgb(236,68,124)
Kimberly #746c9c rgb(116,108,156)
Mirage #1c203c rgb(28,32,60)
Laser #c4ac6c rgb(196,172,108)
Lynch #6c749c rgb(108,116,156)
East Bay #4c4c7c rgb(76,76,124)
Anakiwa #9cccfc rgb(156,204,252)
Royal Blue #2176e7 rgb(33,118,231)
Jumbo #737180 rgb(115,113,128)
Comet #535471 rgb(83,84,113)
Violet Red #f8447c rgb(248,68,124)
Royal Blue #3972e2 rgb(57,114,226)
Fedora #7b6f79 rgb(123,111,121)
Shuttle Gray #5d6677 rgb(93,102,119)
Turmeric #d2aa51 rgb(210,170,81)

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