SB Admin 2: A Light Bootstrap Admin Template SB Admin 2: A Light Bootstrap Admin Template SB Admin 2: A Light Bootstrap Admin Template

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SB Admin 2 Bootstrap admin theme, dashboard template, or webapp UI starter. The theme features a variety of custom jQuery plugins to add extended functionality past the built in Bootstrap UI features.

The color palette of this template is composed by 24 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Fern #5cb35c rgb(92,179,92)
De York #81c48c rgb(129,196,140)
Everglade #2a5a2a rgb(42,90,42)
Soya Bean #685f54 rgb(104,95,84)
Casablanca #f3ac4d rgb(243,172,77)
Catskill White #e4ecf3 rgb(228,236,243)
Tacha #d3c171 rgb(211,193,113)
Gray Chateau #9da5ae rgb(157,165,174)
Himalaya #65581f rgb(101,88,31)
Emperor #525252 rgb(82,82,82)
Zombie #e1d39b rgb(225,211,155)
Edward #a9acac rgb(169,172,172)
Ottoman #f4fcf4 rgb(244,252,244)
Fern #5cbc5c rgb(92,188,92)
Everglade #265d26 rgb(38,93,38)
Moss Green #b4dcb4 rgb(180,220,180)
Steel Blue #4c85b4 rgb(76,133,180)
Lynch #5e778b rgb(94,119,139)
Rhino #27445d rgb(39,68,93)
Mine Shaft #373636 rgb(55,54,54)
Pigeon Post #abc2d8 rgb(171,194,216)
Teak #bc9c6c rgb(188,156,108)
Eggplant #4c344c rgb(76,52,76)
Danube #6caed7 rgb(108,174,215)

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