Material Admin: A light Material Design Template Material Admin: A light Material Design Template Material Admin: A light Material Design Template Material Admin: A light Material Design Template

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Material Admin is free admin template that is entirely built using the framework Google’s Material Design for the Web to comply with the Material Design guidelines. It comes with the basic components and set of pre-built pages required to lay the foundation for any application. And a more advanced set of components and features are available in Material Admin Pro.

Get Material Admin now and create amazing responsive admin dashboards.

The color palette of this template is composed by 36 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Persian Blue #1d24a6 rgb(29,36,166)
Fruit Salad #539353 rgb(83,147,83)
Cerulean #0494db rgb(4,148,219)
Mine Shaft #2c2a2a rgb(44,42,42)
Cinnabar #e73735 rgb(231,55,53)
Governor Bay #2c30a4 rgb(44,48,164)
Steel Blue #4c84ac rgb(76,132,172)
Cerulean #0494dc rgb(4,148,220)
Picton Blue #5cbce4 rgb(92,188,228)
Jacksons Purple #1a209e rgb(26,32,158)
Corduroy #656666 rgb(101,102,102)
Steel Blue #3f899c rgb(63,137,156)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Charlotte #a5e7f6 rgb(165,231,246)
Jacksons Purple #282c9a rgb(40,44,154)
Botticelli #c4dde7 rgb(196,221,231)
Punch #d93431 rgb(217,52,49)
Corduroy #636463 rgb(99,100,99)
Persian Blue #1a21a4 rgb(26,33,164)
Mine Shaft #252424 rgb(37,36,36)
Half Baked #95bfcf rgb(149,191,207)
Governor Bay #2b2fa5 rgb(43,47,165)
Picton Blue #5abbe3 rgb(90,187,227)
Persian Blue #1e28b9 rgb(30,40,185)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Blizzard Blue #9edcf1 rgb(158,220,241)
Jacksons Purple #1a20a0 rgb(26,32,160)
Nepal #97afc1 rgb(151,175,193)
Curious Blue #1b9bca rgb(27,155,202)
Dove Gray #666666 rgb(102,102,102)
Marzipan #f8e4a6 rgb(248,228,166)
Persian Blue #1c23bd rgb(28,35,189)
Oslo Gray #8e9191 rgb(142,145,145)
Deep Koamaru #161c7a rgb(22,28,122)
Mine Shaft #202020 rgb(32,32,32)
Malibu #8ee7f7 rgb(142,231,247)

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