Star Admin: A Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template Star Admin: A Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template Star Admin: A Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template Star Admin: A Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

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Star admin is a beautifully designed admin template with a lot of the polished Bootstrap components making up its dashboard and other pages. It has everything and more that you can expect in a free admin template. In addition to the basic components like buttons, forms, tables, etc., Star Admin has an impressive typography that compliments exceedingly with its colorful and elegant interface. The pre-built pages of the templates are intuitive and very well-designed.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Picton Blue #429be1 rgb(66,155,225)
Bali Hai #92a6b6 rgb(146,166,182)
Malachite #05cd66 rgb(5,205,102)
Mako #40454a rgb(64,69,74)
Medium Purple #9c45e4 rgb(156,69,228)
Cream Can #f4c84c rgb(244,200,76)
Mulled Wine #4c4c6c rgb(76,76,108)
Malachite #04cc6c rgb(4,204,108)
Comet #545474 rgb(84,84,116)
Sunglo #e46060 rgb(228,96,96)
Malachite #05cb63 rgb(5,203,99)
Gun Powder #43485c rgb(67,72,92)
Mountain Meadow #20be74 rgb(32,190,116)
Abbey #595b5d rgb(89,91,93)
Medium Purple #8964dc rgb(137,100,220)
Picton Blue #40a4df rgb(64,164,223)
Wisteria #8c6cac rgb(140,108,172)
Malachite #06cc68 rgb(6,204,104)
Riptide #92e4cd rgb(146,228,205)
Picton Blue #429de1 rgb(66,157,225)
Oslo Gray #95989b rgb(149,152,155)
Malachite #05cc63 rgb(5,204,99)
Mine Shaft #3c3939 rgb(60,57,57)
Medium Purple #8766d8 rgb(135,102,216)
Ship Cove #749ebe rgb(116,158,190)
Regent Gray #8498a4 rgb(132,152,164)
Chathams Blue #153b74 rgb(21,59,116)
Ebony Clay #2c3440 rgb(44,52,64)
Cruise #b4eccc rgb(180,236,204)
Malachite #0ccc6c rgb(12,204,108)
Lavender Pink #fcacc4 rgb(252,172,196)
Astral #3575b0 rgb(53,117,176)
River Bed #464f57 rgb(70,79,87)
Chathams Blue #14386f rgb(20,56,111)
Shuttle Gray #585e68 rgb(88,94,104)
Fountain Blue #6aa3c2 rgb(106,163,194)
Java #18c7d5 rgb(24,199,213)
Jumbo #8d8d90 rgb(141,141,144)
Malachite #12c870 rgb(18,200,112)
Masala #403a3a rgb(64,58,58)
Wheat #f1dfa6 rgb(241,223,166)

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