Ace: A Free Bootstrap 3 Admin Template Ace: A Free Bootstrap 3 Admin Template Ace: A Free Bootstrap 3 Admin Template Ace: A Free Bootstrap 3 Admin Template

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Ace is a lightweight yet feature packed and easy to use admin and dashboard Twitter Bootstrap theme. Ace based on the latest version of Bootstrap and comes with a range of features such as 4 different colour combos to choose from, latest Bootstrap, jQuery UI and third party plugins and a range of page templates from dashboard with stats, charts and recent events to invoice and pricing pages.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Celery #9abb51 rgb(154,187,81)
Pewter #9aafa8 rgb(154,175,168)
Viridian #38856d rgb(56,133,109)
Emperor #545454 rgb(84,84,84)
Viking #6bb4df rgb(107,180,223)
Danube #6cacd4 rgb(108,172,212)
Nepal #9cb4c4 rgb(156,180,196)
Cello #1e4a66 rgb(30,74,102)
Aqua Island #a9ccde rgb(169,204,222)
Steel Blue #438cba rgb(67,140,186)
Storm Dust #646463 rgb(100,100,99)
Chambray #335980 rgb(51,89,128)
Bismark #49758b rgb(73,117,139)
Di Serria #e19852 rgb(225,152,82)
Steel Blue #448cbb rgb(68,140,187)
Como #4e6e62 rgb(78,110,98)
Vin Rouge #a1445e rgb(161,68,94)
Ronchi #f1b651 rgb(241,182,81)
Boston Blue #4087bd rgb(64,135,189)
Cascade #94abad rgb(148,171,173)
Vin Rouge #9e3d5a rgb(158,61,90)
Mineral Green #49645a rgb(73,100,90)
Cream Can #f5c155 rgb(245,193,85)
Steel Blue #448cb9 rgb(68,140,185)
Cascade #98b2ab rgb(152,178,171)
Lotus #80403c rgb(128,64,60)
Matterhorn #4e3740 rgb(78,55,64)
Yuma #d1c095 rgb(209,192,149)
Mariner #347ccc rgb(52,124,204)
Neptune #7ab4bc rgb(122,180,188)
Camelot #8c3064 rgb(140,48,100)
Tundora #4e4e4e rgb(78,78,78)
Casablanca #fab750 rgb(250,183,80)
Di Serria #d79f54 rgb(215,159,84)
Granny Smith #82a2a4 rgb(130,162,164)
Ebony #0e0c1d rgb(14,12,29)
Roman Coffee #7c4c4b rgb(124,76,75)
Sapling #ddcc9c rgb(221,204,156)
Boston Blue #428abe rgb(66,138,190)
Amulet #8dab82 rgb(141,171,130)
Vin Rouge #963c6f rgb(150,60,111)
Emperor #4f4f4f rgb(79,79,79)
Casablanca #f8ba52 rgb(248,186,82)

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