Label UI: Responsive Admin Template Label UI: Responsive Admin Template Label UI: Responsive Admin Template Label UI: Responsive Admin Template

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Label is a sophisticated responsive admin dashboard template made on top of Bootstrap 4. It is packed with highly customizable Bootstrap components that help web development easy and faster than ever with the advanced automated Gulp workflow. Almost every component is designed to minimize the loading time of the interface, and it loads faster on all devices.

Label is suitable for almost all types of projects like SAAS applications, admin panel or anything you want to build on web. Its highly custom designed plugins help developers easy to integrate into the project effortlessly. It is a well documented responsive admin dashboard template and the modular based components help developers easy to understand and maintain the beauty of the code.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Roman #d85754 rgb(216,87,84)
Silver Chalice #a2a2a2 rgb(162,162,162)
Persian Plum #6b1a18 rgb(107,26,24)
Shark #262728 rgb(38,39,40)
Morning Glory #9de1d9 rgb(157,225,217)
Mandy #e55d60 rgb(229,93,96)
Dove Gray #6c6c6c rgb(108,108,108)
Denim #0c7cb4 rgb(12,124,180)
Bright Gray #3e4450 rgb(62,68,80)
Sea Pink #ed97a6 rgb(237,151,166)
Burnt Sienna #e65749 rgb(230,87,73)
Dove Gray #636363 rgb(99,99,99)
Calypso #357695 rgb(53,118,149)
Tuna #30353d rgb(48,53,61)
Chetwode Blue #8e8bd9 rgb(142,139,217)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Cod Gray #1c1c1c rgb(28,28,28)
Cornflower Blue #747cfc rgb(116,124,252)
Cornflower Blue #6a71f3 rgb(106,113,243)
Manatee #999a9e rgb(153,154,158)
San Juan #2c4c64 rgb(44,76,100)
Shark #202122 rgb(32,33,34)
Turquoise Blue #59c1e3 rgb(89,193,227)
Cornflower Blue #6ca4e4 rgb(108,164,228)
Santas Gray #9c9cb4 rgb(156,156,180)
Chathams Blue #143f70 rgb(20,63,112)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Cornflower Blue #6c6cfc rgb(108,108,252)
Cornflower Blue #545cf8 rgb(84,92,248)
Dusty Gray #a49c9c rgb(164,156,156)
Navy Blue #050b7f rgb(5,11,127)
Nandor #4c6454 rgb(76,100,84)
Portage #8e96f7 rgb(142,150,247)
Cornflower Blue #6b73fa rgb(107,115,250)
Nevada #626364 rgb(98,99,100)
Java #1cb4bc rgb(28,180,188)
Shark #1a1a1e rgb(26,26,30)
Malibu #7dbaf8 rgb(125,186,248)
Cornflower Blue #676cf4 rgb(103,108,244)
Manatee #979798 rgb(151,151,152)
Stromboli #306455 rgb(48,100,85)
Cape Cod #383f41 rgb(56,63,65)
Cornflower #92b3ea rgb(146,179,234)

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