Dashio: A Free Bootstrap Admin Template Dashio: A Free Bootstrap Admin Template Dashio: A Free Bootstrap Admin Template Dashio: A Free Bootstrap Admin Template

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Flat color, Customized Chart, Easy to customize and developer friendly code Dashio comes with 35+ well crafted pages required for creating a complete admin for your app. It’s very much adaptive with any size viewport including iPhone, iPad, android phone and tablet. Dashio comes with a well commented and easy code that can be used by newbies as if is also very straightforward. It is amazingly crafted and comes with many features, many reusable UI components and so much more that will all work to make you a great dashboard.

Dashio template design is very adaptive and it comes with different size viewpoint which supports all the popular devices including mobile. It is suitable for almost all web applicators, for example, admin dashboard, project management system, custom admin panel, CRM, CMS, and application backend.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Neptune #7cc1bc rgb(124,193,188)
Santa Fe #ad7660 rgb(173,118,96)
Eastern Blue #249ca8 rgb(36,156,168)
Shark #292d35 rgb(41,45,53)
Eunry #d29a96 rgb(210,154,150)
De York #92cc92 rgb(146,204,146)
Mid Gray #6c6c74 rgb(108,108,116)
Paradiso #3c8c84 rgb(60,140,132)
Scarpa Flow #54545c rgb(84,84,92)
Tonys Pink #e48c8a rgb(228,140,138)
Fountain Blue #51c9c5 rgb(81,201,197)
Mantle #8b938e rgb(139,147,142)
Eternity #251c0e rgb(37,28,14)
Russett #7d5f57 rgb(125,95,87)
Ronchi #eead55 rgb(238,173,85)
Nugget #c68823 rgb(198,136,35)
Shingle Fawn #6e4c38 rgb(110,76,56)
Potters Clay #94603c rgb(148,96,60)
Nevada #657277 rgb(101,114,119)
Bone #ddcab5 rgb(221,202,181)
Copper #a56f37 rgb(165,111,55)
Concord #7e7c79 rgb(126,124,121)
Metallic Copper #67381e rgb(103,56,30)
Ferra #6e4b4a rgb(110,75,74)
Tan #d3b18d rgb(211,177,141)
Puerto Rico #4cccc4 rgb(76,204,196)
Del Rio #ae8c8c rgb(174,140,140)
Pueblo #7d2f15 rgb(125,47,21)
Shark #24242b rgb(36,36,43)
Monte Carlo #8cd6d4 rgb(140,214,212)
Downy #6ad4cc rgb(106,212,204)
Vista Blue #8cd4bc rgb(140,212,188)
Puerto Rico #4dccc4 rgb(77,204,196)
Schooner #85817f rgb(133,129,127)
Copper Canyon #893919 rgb(137,57,25)
Emperor #585151 rgb(88,81,81)
Di Serria #d78e50 rgb(215,142,80)
Downy #5dc8c1 rgb(93,200,193)
Avocado #89966a rgb(137,150,106)
Eternity #211a0f rgb(33,26,15)
Dorado #6f6360 rgb(111,99,96)
Chestnut Rose #cb5b59 rgb(203,91,89)

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