Modernize: A Flat Bootstrap Responsive Admin Panel Modernize: A Flat Bootstrap Responsive Admin Panel Modernize: A Flat Bootstrap Responsive Admin Panel

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This admin template is a full featured, multipurpose, popular admin dashboard theme for developers, business and digital entrepreneurs. With this admin template, you can quick start your project. It provides you with a collection of ready to use code snippets and utilities, custom pages, a collection of applications and some useful widgets. Rather than creating a dashboard for your website, try this professional looking Modernize admin dashboard for your projects. This admin dashboard template comes with clean and clear design with stylish collapsible sidebar menu, awesome features and different pages like login page, register page, 404 error page, 500 error page, blank page, mail page, widgets page, pricing tables page, maps page with different types of maps, charts page, bootstrap cards, carousels, forms, modals, tables and bootstrap grid layouts page and more. Modernize admin dashboard has a minimal, sleek, clean and intuitive design which makes your next project look awesome. So, grab this admin template and use for your projects. It is built with entrancing looks and robust functionality. This creatively designed Modernize admin panel template is 100% responsive cross browser template, compatible on all devices, displayed on all screen sizes. It is entirely built in Bootstrap framework, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. Make it yours now by using it, downloading it and please share it.

The color palette of this template is composed by 32 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Eucalyptus #2ca546 rgb(44,165,70)
Spicy Mix #784e40 rgb(120,78,64)
Well Read #b22f38 rgb(178,47,56)
Cocoa Brown #2c2422 rgb(44,36,34)
Polo Blue #849ec7 rgb(132,158,199)
Pizza #cca414 rgb(204,164,20)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Spicy Mustard #78610b rgb(120,97,11)
Downy #75c7d4 rgb(117,199,212)
Royal Blue #4464dc rgb(68,100,220)
Amethyst Smoke #938eb2 rgb(147,142,178)
Sea Green #2fa443 rgb(47,164,67)
Thunder #323032 rgb(50,48,50)
Malibu #73cef2 rgb(115,206,242)
Cornflower Blue #4c6cf3 rgb(76,108,243)
Ship Cove #6d78b8 rgb(109,120,184)
East Bay #3d4a84 rgb(61,74,132)
Royal Blue #4464df rgb(68,100,223)
Royal Blue #4464dd rgb(68,100,221)
Chambray #415093 rgb(65,80,147)
Cello #233164 rgb(35,49,100)
Spicy Pink #766568 rgb(118,101,104)
Mandy #e6595a rgb(230,89,90)
River Bed #445458 rgb(68,84,88)
Ebony #081015 rgb(8,16,21)
Russett #79625c rgb(121,98,92)
Royal Blue #4564dc rgb(69,100,220)
Bismark #416587 rgb(65,101,135)
Oslo Gray #7f8893 rgb(127,136,147)
Rhino #2b455c rgb(43,69,92)
Bunker #11171c rgb(17,23,28)
Gold Sand #e7c599 rgb(231,197,153)

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