Nice Admin: Free bootstrap admin HTML template Nice Admin: Free bootstrap admin HTML template Nice Admin: Free bootstrap admin HTML template

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Niceadmin provides a very clean and intuitive design that is focused on user experience. The custom plugins included has been carefully customized to fit with the overall look of the theme, working seamlessly across browsers, tablets and phones.

The color palette of this template is composed by 28 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Malibu #58a4fc rgb(88,164,252)
Suva Gray #8c8186 rgb(140,129,134)
Chambray #345886 rgb(52,88,134)
Pickled Bluewood #243444 rgb(36,52,68)
Rock Blue #9cb4d0 rgb(156,180,208)
Wedgewood #517fad rgb(81,127,173)
Pale Sky #647484 rgb(100,116,132)
Gable Green #1c2c3c rgb(28,44,60)
Shuttle Gray #5f6774 rgb(95,103,116)
Tacao #ecc484 rgb(236,196,132)
Danube #6d98c9 rgb(109,152,201)
River Bed #4b5463 rgb(75,84,99)
Tuatara #242322 rgb(36,35,34)
Rob Roy #e7bb74 rgb(231,187,116)
Lavender #bc70e0 rgb(188,112,224)
River Bed #465464 rgb(70,84,100)
Shuttle Gray #5c6474 rgb(92,100,116)
Froly #f67e69 rgb(246,126,105)
Kenyan Copper #7d1907 rgb(125,25,7)
Rose Bud #f9a598 rgb(249,165,152)
Danube #74a4d4 rgb(116,164,212)
Mountbatten Pink #947c8c rgb(148,124,140)
Shuttle Gray #545c6c rgb(84,92,108)
Pigeon Post #aec5da rgb(174,197,218)
Outrageous Orange #fc5c3c rgb(252,92,60)
Comet #586073 rgb(88,96,115)
Kenyan Copper #821702 rgb(130,23,2)
Albescent White #f7efdb rgb(247,239,219)

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