CoolAdmin: A Free Bootstrap 4.1 based admin dashboard template CoolAdmin: A Free Bootstrap 4.1 based admin dashboard template CoolAdmin: A Free Bootstrap 4.1 based admin dashboard template CoolAdmin: A Free Bootstrap 4.1 based admin dashboard template

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CoolAdmin is a responsive Bootstrap 4.1 admin template. It provides you with a collection of ready to use code snippets and utilities, custom pages, loads of charts, 4 different dashboard variations, a collection of applications and some useful widgets.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Royal Blue #3887e6 rgb(56,135,230)
Wisteria #a453ae rgb(164,83,174)
Mountain Meadow #1eba86 rgb(30,186,134)
Dune #393736 rgb(57,55,54)
Conifer #a7d358 rgb(167,211,88)
Wedgewood #5474ae rgb(84,116,174)
Shady Lady #aca4ac rgb(172,164,172)
Rhino #2a3b59 rgb(42,59,89)
Malibu #6db2fc rgb(109,178,252)
Roman #de6364 rgb(222,99,100)
Viridian Green #6b8b73 rgb(107,139,115)
Cherrywood #6d1717 rgb(109,23,23)
Ship Gray #3f3e42 rgb(63,62,66)
Malibu #7cbcfc rgb(124,188,252)
Eastern Blue #16a4bc rgb(22,164,188)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Jungle Green #28a8a4 rgb(40,168,164)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Cruise #b4e4ec rgb(180,228,236)
Eastern Blue #14a4bc rgb(20,164,188)
Jumbo #74747c rgb(116,116,124)
Jungle Green #2ca8a0 rgb(44,168,160)
Contessa #b96d69 rgb(185,109,105)
Picton Blue #16b3ee rgb(22,179,238)
Dusty Gray #9c9494 rgb(156,148,148)
Atoll #095c7b rgb(9,92,123)
Mantis #64c46c rgb(100,196,108)
Mandy #dc5466 rgb(220,84,102)
Bouquet #b1888f rgb(177,136,143)
Chateau Green #30ac50 rgb(48,172,80)
Downy #6cc4b0 rgb(108,196,176)
Coral Tree #a45f6c rgb(164,95,108)
Green Pea #246029 rgb(36,96,41)
Mine Shaft #343434 rgb(52,52,52)
Royal Blue #4474dc rgb(68,116,220)
Punch #dc3545 rgb(220,53,69)
Pewter #91ab9e rgb(145,171,158)
Sea Green #2da445 rgb(45,164,69)
Nevada #686d73 rgb(104,109,115)
Tonys Pink #e89a88 rgb(232,154,136)

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