Majestic Admin: A Free Bootstrap Admin Template Majestic Admin: A Free Bootstrap Admin Template Majestic Admin: A Free Bootstrap Admin Template

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Majestic Admin is a simple yet powerful free Bootstrap admin template that is built with the Bootstrap framework, SAAS, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS. The spectacular design, user friendliness, and easy to customizability of Majestic Admin makes it suitable for building different types of websites. This well documented template has high responsiveness to make websites look great on both desktop and mobile devices.

The color palette of this template is composed by 29 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cornflower Blue #6494fb rgb(100,148,251)
Manatee #9b9da2 rgb(155,157,162)
Lima #74c41c rgb(116,196,28)
Shark #282931 rgb(40,41,49)
Sapling #ddcdab rgb(221,205,171)
Banana Mania #fce4aa rgb(252,228,170)
Picton Blue #55a5e8 rgb(85,165,232)
Quicksand #ba929d rgb(186,146,157)
St Tropaz #244c94 rgb(36,76,148)
Tundora #494147 rgb(73,65,71)
Jordy Blue #9cd4f4 rgb(156,212,244)
Bright Sun #fcd444 rgb(252,212,68)
Santas Gray #a4a4ac rgb(164,164,172)
Olive #826602 rgb(130,102,2)
Bittersweet #fc7474 rgb(252,116,116)
Dodger Blue #4c84fc rgb(76,132,252)
Waikawa Gray #546caa rgb(84,108,170)
San Marino #3e5a9d rgb(62,90,157)
Malibu #94b4fc rgb(148,180,252)
Medium Purple #835ce1 rgb(131,92,225)
Smalt Blue #4f748d rgb(79,116,141)
El Salva #8f4835 rgb(143,72,53)
Mirage #1c1f2e rgb(28,31,46)
Flamingo #f34c40 rgb(243,76,64)
Chambray #3b549c rgb(59,84,156)
Copper Rust #9a4e54 rgb(154,78,84)
Ebony #150d1c rgb(21,13,28)
Abbey #545656 rgb(84,86,86)
Dodger Blue #4c84fb rgb(76,132,251)

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