Datta Able Lite: A Free Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Datta Able Lite: A Free Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Datta Able Lite: A Free Bootstrap 4 Dashboard

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Datta Able Bootstrap 4 Lite -  Free Admin Template is a complete solution for your dashboard creation. It comes with Dark Version with optimized Google font integration, high speed, mature and sophisticated, extremely well-organized code makes Datta Able Lite a completely flexible solution for any type of back-end project.

Datta Able Bootstrap 4 Lite comes with below-listed features. There are more features and variety of options available in Datta Able Premium dashboard version.

Features of Datta Able Bootstrap 4 Lite - Free Admin Template:

  • Navigation
    • Dashboard
  • UI-Element
    • Components
      • Button
      • Badges
      • Breadcrumb & pagination
      • Collapse
      • Tabs & pills
      • Typography
      • Feather
  • Forms & table
    • Form elements
    • Table
  • Chart & Maps
    • Chart
    • Maps
  • Pages
    • Authentication
      • Sign up
      • Sign in
    • Sample page

The color palette of this template is composed by 31 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Boston Blue #3099c2 rgb(48,153,194)
Blue Bell #918cbf rgb(145,140,191)
Jungle Green #2cb4a4 rgb(44,180,164)
Shuttle Gray #5e6c82 rgb(94,108,130)
Water Leaf #94e6e4 rgb(148,230,228)
Flamingo #ed4c3f rgb(237,76,63)
Fiord #3c4a62 rgb(60,74,98)
Jungle Green #2cb0a4 rgb(44,176,164)
Oxford Blue #364154 rgb(54,65,84)
Saffron #f4c944 rgb(244,201,68)
Cinnabar #e4493f rgb(228,73,63)
Fiord #3b4860 rgb(59,72,96)
Chathams Blue #115875 rgb(17,88,117)
Baltic Sea #19171a rgb(25,23,26)
Saffron #f0c336 rgb(240,195,54)
Java #1cc0e1 rgb(28,192,225)
Fiord #3c4c64 rgb(60,76,100)
Oxford Blue #343d54 rgb(52,61,84)
Cold Purple #989cd4 rgb(152,156,212)
Java #18c6db rgb(24,198,219)
Blue Bell #979ac5 rgb(151,154,197)
Blue Dianne #224059 rgb(34,64,89)
Fiord #3c4b63 rgb(60,75,99)
Blizzard Blue #9aebf0 rgb(154,235,240)
Java #1cd4d4 rgb(28,212,212)
Surfie Green #0f7575 rgb(15,117,117)
White Lilac #f4f4fc rgb(244,244,252)
Cold Purple #9992d2 rgb(153,146,210)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
Port Gore #2c265d rgb(44,38,93)
Mine Shaft #373737 rgb(55,55,55)

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