Mash Able Lite: A Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Mash Able Lite: A Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Mash Able Lite: A Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Mash Able Lite: A Free Bootstrap 4 Admin

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Mash Able Lite -  Free Admin Template is complete solution for  your dashboard creation. It comes with Dark Version with optimized Google font integration, high speed, mature and sophisticated, extremely well organized code makes Mash Able Lite a complete flexible solution for any type of back-end project.

Overview of Mash Able Lite Free Admin Template - It comes with Basic but useful UI components, advance components, auth pages, font icons, different form components, data tables, charts and maps.

Mash Able Lite comes with below listed features. There are more features and variety of options available in Mash Able Premium dashboard version. Separate Mash Able Angular 4 Lite free version along with Mash Able Angular 4 Premium versions are also available.

Features of Mash Able Lite - Free Admin Template

  • Dashboard
  • Basic Components
    • Accordion
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Buttons
    • Box Shadow
    • Tabs
    • Color
    • Label badge
    • Tooltip
    • Typography
    • Panels and wells
  • Advance Components
    • Grid
    • Light box
    • Notifications
  • Icons
    • Themify
    • icofont
  • Form Components
  • Bootstrap Tables
  • Chart
  • Maps
  • Pages
    • Login
    • Registration
    • Forgot password
    • Lock Screen
    • Error Page
    • User Profile
    • Simple Page
  • Menu Level

The color palette of this template is composed by 39 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Blue Chill #0a77aa rgb(10,119,170)
Granny Smith #889ea1 rgb(136,158,161)
Blumine #1b4f6c rgb(27,79,108)
Scorpion #696465 rgb(105,100,101)
Turquoise #39dae1 rgb(57,218,225)
Saffron #f4cc2f rgb(244,204,47)
Slate Gray #727e8e rgb(114,126,142)
Deep Cerulean #0474ac rgb(4,116,172)
Outer Space #333b43 rgb(51,59,67)
Sinbad #9cd4d6 rgb(156,212,214)
Cinnabar #e94b3a rgb(233,75,58)
Ferra #774a57 rgb(119,74,87)
Deep Cerulean #0574ac rgb(5,116,172)
Monte Carlo #81c8d4 rgb(129,200,212)
Fountain Blue #549cc4 rgb(84,156,196)
Gray #848484 rgb(132,132,132)
Denim #0e7aae rgb(14,122,174)
Abbey #535659 rgb(83,86,89)
Aqua Island #a6cede rgb(166,206,222)
Opium #936d6c rgb(147,109,108)
Chambray #385080 rgb(56,80,128)
Outer Space #242c2c rgb(36,44,44)
Viking #81c0de rgb(129,192,222)
Denim #1480b0 rgb(20,128,176)
Corduroy #626666 rgb(98,102,102)
Blizzard Blue #94ecec rgb(148,236,236)
Paarl #a76228 rgb(167,98,40)
Donkey Brown #a89480 rgb(168,148,128)
Denim #127cad rgb(18,124,173)
Millbrook #51422b rgb(81,66,43)
Sweet Corn #fbe292 rgb(251,226,146)
Copper Rust #89494c rgb(137,73,76)
Bay of Many #255b7f rgb(37,91,127)
Riptide #8fe2e7 rgb(143,226,231)
Deep Cerulean #0673aa rgb(6,115,170)
Bali Hai #869da8 rgb(134,157,168)
Russet #7a4b19 rgb(122,75,25)
Outer Space #242b2c rgb(36,43,44)
Sweet Corn #fbe28e rgb(251,226,142)

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