Quantum Able Lite: Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Quantum Able Lite: Free Bootstrap 4 Admin

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This template features:

  • Dashboard
  • UI Elements
    • Accordion
    • Buttons
    • Label Badge
    • Grid System
    • Box Shadow
    • Color
    • Litebox
    • Notification
    • Panel-wells
    • Tabs
    • Tooltips
    • Typography
  • Chart
    • Float Chart
    • Morris Chart
  • Forms
    • Form Elements Bootstrap
    • Form Elements Advance
  • Tables
  • Pages
    • Login
    • Register
    • Forgot Password
    • Profile
    • Lock Screen
  • Error 404
  • Sample Page
  • Search result
  • Menu Level

The color palette of this template is composed by 25 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Puerto Rico #34b9ac rgb(52,185,172)
Pewter #959998 rgb(149,153,152)
Spicy Mix #8e5b43 rgb(142,91,67)
Bright Gray #3c454d rgb(60,69,77)
Tan Hide #f98558 rgb(249,133,88)
Yuma #cec491 rgb(206,196,145)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Costa Del Sol #5b5328 rgb(91,83,40)
River Bed #404956 rgb(64,73,86)
Burnt Sienna #f17654 rgb(241,118,84)
Burnt Sienna #e46f3c rgb(228,111,60)
Oslo Gray #959a9c rgb(149,154,156)
Punga #503416 rgb(80,52,22)
Bright Gray #3c434c rgb(60,67,76)
Havelock Blue #429ed8 rgb(66,158,216)
Chestnut Rose #d0605c rgb(208,96,92)
Gray Olive #aca895 rgb(172,168,149)
Sanguine Brown #844034 rgb(132,64,52)
Bright Gray #3d444e rgb(61,68,78)
Tacha #d9c96c rgb(217,201,108)
Pear #ded92e rgb(222,217,46)
Bronco #a7a093 rgb(167,160,147)
Metallic Bronze #443618 rgb(68,54,24)
Mako #3c424a rgb(60,66,74)
Chalky #eccc92 rgb(236,204,146)

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