Dashboards by Keen IO: collection of responsive dashboard templates Dashboards by Keen IO: collection of responsive dashboard templates

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Dashboards by Keen IO is an open source project. These layout templates are composed of a minimal set of custom styles. They cover the most common use cases and layout configurations we've encountered so far.

  • Layouts for pre-built, responsive dashboard views
  • Examples for specific domains, data models and popular integrations

These templates can work with any data source or charting library, but they're particularly streamlined to work with Keen IO's Dataviz SDK. To see the Keen integration in action, create a free project and send some data to it. Then add some charts to your dashboard with just a few lines of code.

The color palette of this template is composed by 22 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Brink Pink #fb6a78 rgb(251,106,120)
Blue Bell #949bc7 rgb(148,155,199)
Red Devil #81030f rgb(129,3,15)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Mint Tulip #c9eaf3 rgb(201,234,243)
Robin's Egg Blue #05cdbc rgb(5,205,188)
Observatory #038176 rgb(3,129,118)
Mine Shaft #252525 rgb(37,37,37)
Seagull #6fb4e3 rgb(111,180,227)
Shakespeare #46c0d4 rgb(70,192,212)
Blumine #195f6b rgb(25,95,107)
Mine Shaft #3c3c3c rgb(60,60,60)
Froly #f76c77 rgb(247,108,119)
Wild Watermelon #fc6474 rgb(252,100,116)
Polo Blue #92b4cb rgb(146,180,203)
Robin's Egg Blue #04cabf rgb(4,202,191)
Mine Shaft #232323 rgb(35,35,35)
Seagull #73b4e4 rgb(115,180,228)
Java #18b9d6 rgb(24,185,214)
Brandy Rose #b88085 rgb(184,128,133)
Atoll #0d6777 rgb(13,103,119)
Porsche #edae5b rgb(237,174,91)

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