Sing App Html5 Lite:  an open-source admin dashboard template Sing App Html5 Lite:  an open-source admin dashboard template Sing App Html5 Lite:  an open-source admin dashboard template

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Sing App HTML5 Lite is a completely free and open-source admin dashboard template with stylish design and tons of ready-to-use programming features. Sing App HTML5 Lite is a fully responsive HTML template built Bootstrap 4 and pure Javascript (No frameworks). You can use it to build any type of web applications like SAAS, project management systems, admin dashboards or application backends.

The color palette of this template is composed by 28 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Medium Purple #9c6ce0 rgb(156,108,224)
Dove Gray #6a6565 rgb(106,101,101)
Scarlet Gum #3a176d rgb(58,23,109)
Burnt Sienna #ee6967 rgb(238,105,103)
Edward #9ca4a4 rgb(156,164,164)
Wheatfield #f0e8c6 rgb(240,232,198)
Cream Can #f2c45a rgb(242,196,90)
Jumbo #787981 rgb(120,121,129)
Rusty Nail #7a5809 rgb(122,88,9)
Abbey #525457 rgb(82,84,87)
Chestnut Rose #d2686d rgb(210,104,109)
Edward #b1b4b4 rgb(177,180,180)
Banana Mania #fcecb9 rgb(252,236,185)
Cream Can #f0c35d rgb(240,195,93)
Abbey #585a5c rgb(88,90,92)
Rusty Nail #79570b rgb(121,87,11)
Cocoa Brown #281e1a rgb(40,30,26)
Banana Mania #fbebb2 rgb(251,235,178)
Downy #6cccac rgb(108,204,172)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Green Pea #22624d rgb(34,98,77)
Jumbo #706f74 rgb(112,111,116)
Peach Yellow #f8e0a8 rgb(248,224,168)
Ronchi #ebbd58 rgb(235,189,88)
Bermuda Gray #6a8aa6 rgb(106,138,166)
Spicy Mustard #76550e rgb(118,85,14)
Mid Gray #5b5d61 rgb(91,93,97)
Roman #db6666 rgb(219,102,102)

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