Vali: A Free Bootstrap 4 admin/dashboard template Vali: A Free Bootstrap 4 admin/dashboard template Vali: A Free Bootstrap 4 admin/dashboard template

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Vali is a responsive and free admin theme built with Bootstrap 4, SASS and PUG.js. It's fully customizable and modular. You don't need to add the code, you will not use. Vali is, a light weight yet expendable and good looking theme. The theme has all the features required in a dashboard theme but this features are built like plug and play module.

You can check its documentation here.

The color palette of this template is composed by 33 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Half Baked #8ccbc7 rgb(140,203,199)
Spicy Pink #897076 rgb(137,112,118)
Gossamer #048f85 rgb(4,143,133)
Outer Space #242c33 rgb(36,44,51)
Amaranth #ed454f rgb(237,69,79)
Downy #6cc4b7 rgb(108,196,183)
Gull Gray #95acb1 rgb(149,172,177)
Paradiso #2e7977 rgb(46,121,119)
Abbey #565a5f rgb(86,90,95)
Half Baked #91cec5 rgb(145,206,197)
Tradewind #6ec0ad rgb(110,192,173)
Pale Sky #6c727c rgb(108,114,124)
Gossamer #05948a rgb(5,148,138)
Aztec #0c1413 rgb(12,20,19)
Saffron #f5c93a rgb(245,201,58)
Mountain Meadow #1b9c8c rgb(27,156,140)
Oslo Gray #898c8e rgb(137,140,142)
Gossamer #04948c rgb(4,148,140)
Ebony Clay #242c34 rgb(36,44,52)
Carnation #f4444c rgb(244,68,76)
Carnation #f3454c rgb(243,69,76)
Oslo Gray #979ea0 rgb(151,158,160)
Niagara #059c8a rgb(5,156,138)
Bunker #0c1313 rgb(12,19,19)
Saffron Mango #f9b45d rgb(249,180,93)
Monte Carlo #71c6b8 rgb(113,198,184)
Sirocco #6c7878 rgb(108,120,120)
Spectra #2d5252 rgb(45,82,82)
Niagara #079c8a rgb(7,156,138)
Boulder #7d797a rgb(125,121,122)
Gossamer #04938b rgb(4,147,139)
Bunker #0c1312 rgb(12,19,18)
Polar #e2f9f4 rgb(226,249,244)

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