AdminBSB: A Free Bootstrap Material Admin Panel AdminBSB: A Free Bootstrap Material Admin Panel AdminBSB: A Free Bootstrap Material Admin Panel AdminBSB: A Free Bootstrap Material Admin Panel

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AdminBSB - Material Design is a fully responsive and free admin template. It was developed with Bootstrap 3.x Framework and Google Material Design of powers. It's really easy to customize and usage. You can use for from 320px to large resolution pixels of new generation screens and mobile devices. (Fully Responsive Material Design).

The color palette of this template is composed by 38 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Java #15bcd0 rgb(21,188,208)
Sage #9da991 rgb(157,169,145)
Gossamer #04948b rgb(4,148,139)
Mid Gray #6c6c74 rgb(108,108,116)
Cranberry #df608c rgb(223,96,140)
Pomegranate #f44434 rgb(244,68,52)
Thunderbird #bc2618 rgb(188,38,24)
Cavern Pink #e6c7c3 rgb(230,199,195)
Zest #df9023 rgb(223,144,35)
Scarpa Flow #59595b rgb(89,89,91)
Maroon Flush #a61f53 rgb(166,31,83)
Zeus #1c1512 rgb(28,21,18)
Pomegranate #f34334 rgb(243,67,52)
Santas Gray #a4a4ac rgb(164,164,172)
Thunderbird #bc2c1a rgb(188,44,26)
Tumbleweed #dc9c82 rgb(220,156,130)
Christine #eb6b09 rgb(235,107,9)
Horizon #5b8ca4 rgb(91,140,164)
Thunderbird #bc2816 rgb(188,40,22)
Mine Shaft #242121 rgb(36,33,33)
Tonys Pink #e9b29c rgb(233,178,156)
Pelorous #42b7b8 rgb(66,183,184)
Tapestry #bc6494 rgb(188,100,148)
Gossamer #04948c rgb(4,148,140)
French Rose #ec507d rgb(236,80,125)
Pomegranate #f44435 rgb(244,68,53)
Barley Corn #9c865f rgb(156,134,95)
Cardinal #b41c31 rgb(180,28,49)
Tobacco Brown #765e42 rgb(118,94,66)
Tan #d3b692 rgb(211,182,146)
Cascade #8ba6a6 rgb(139,166,166)
Gossamer #089388 rgb(8,147,136)
Mine Shaft #2e2a2b rgb(46,42,43)
Petite Orchid #d98d97 rgb(217,141,151)
Sorrell Brown #c9af8e rgb(201,175,142)
Bali Hai #8ca6b1 rgb(140,166,177)
Red Robin #773e20 rgb(119,62,32)
Go Ben #7a6d53 rgb(122,109,83)

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