AdminPro Lite: A Free Bootstrap 4 Admin AdminPro Lite: A Free Bootstrap 4 Admin AdminPro Lite: A Free Bootstrap 4 Admin

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Admin-Pro Admin Lite is basic yet very useful bootstrap 4 dashbaord template for your projects.If you are looking for modern yet clean admin template for your backend project. Admin-Pro Admin is the right choice for you.

  • 1 Basic Dashboard
  • 6+ Pages Template
  • 10+ UI Components
  • Bootstrap 4 Version
  • Material Icons
  • Fully Responsive Pages
  • No Support Provided
  • Sass Base CSS
  • Easy To Customize
  • Basic Table Examples
  • Profile Page Included
  • Google Map
  • No Documentation
  • Backlink Required

The color palette of this template is composed by 33 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cornflower Blue #7962ec rgb(121,98,236)
Concord #807e7c rgb(128,126,124)
East Bay #3e5c83 rgb(62,92,131)
Shuttle Gray #5e646e rgb(94,100,110)
Cornflower #90bbe3 rgb(144,187,227)
Cornflower Blue #5ca0ec rgb(92,160,236)
Pale Sky #747880 rgb(116,120,128)
Azure #2e61a6 rgb(46,97,166)
Ebony Clay #242c34 rgb(36,44,52)
Gold Sand #e4b888 rgb(228,184,136)
Mandy #e05856 rgb(224,88,86)
Regent Gray #939ba3 rgb(147,155,163)
Firefly #0c1929 rgb(12,25,41)
Ebony Clay #232b33 rgb(35,43,51)
Picton Blue #418be8 rgb(65,139,232)
Oxford Blue #3e4c5e rgb(62,76,94)
Mako #3c444b rgb(60,68,75)
Sunglo #e47474 rgb(228,116,116)
Cornflower Blue #5ca0f4 rgb(92,160,244)
Oslo Gray #8c9494 rgb(140,148,148)
Azure #3161a6 rgb(49,97,166)
Trout #4c545c rgb(76,84,92)
Froly #f47474 rgb(244,116,116)
Mandy #e65755 rgb(230,87,85)
Oslo Gray #97999b rgb(151,153,155)
Cloud Burst #223a5a rgb(34,58,90)
Nevada #666b72 rgb(102,107,114)
Cornflower Blue #60a1e7 rgb(96,161,231)
Mandy #e75755 rgb(231,87,85)
Oslo Gray #909498 rgb(144,148,152)
San Juan #324f74 rgb(50,79,116)
Salt Box #6e6c71 rgb(110,108,113)
Picton Blue #3d8aef rgb(61,138,239)

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