eStartup: An Elegant Bootstrap Template for Startups and Apps eStartup: An Elegant Bootstrap Template for Startups and Apps eStartup: An Elegant Bootstrap Template for Startups and Apps eStartup: An Elegant Bootstrap Template for Startups and Apps

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Startup is an elegant and modern Bootstrap template for creating websites for startups, apps websites and more. It comes with many customisable and reusable elements that are designed to fit as many purposes as possible. eStartup can also be used for an agency, business, finance, consulting and more. It’s a one-page template with a smooth scroll effect.

eStartup is a fully responsive template built with Bootstrap framework. It looks perfect on all major browsers, tablets, and phones. Some of the notable features and ready sections are: about us, features, screenshots carousel, team members, pricing tables, blog posts listing and contact form

eStartup is very easy to use; change your text, images, colors and get your website ready in no time. Whatever product you’re launching, eStartup will help you to bring it online as soon as possible.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Mantis #74c160 rgb(116,193,96)
Abbey #53545b rgb(83,84,91)
Woodland #315f25 rgb(49,95,37)
Scarpa Flow #545464 rgb(84,84,100)
Olivine #9ac67d rgb(154,198,125)
Mantis #7ccc68 rgb(124,204,104)
Green Pea #2e6321 rgb(46,99,33)
Morning Glory #8cbcdc rgb(140,188,220)
Casablanca #f6bb4f rgb(246,187,79)
Cape Cod #525353 rgb(82,83,83)
Antique Bronze #7e5306 rgb(126,83,6)
Woodsmoke #0b0a0c rgb(11,10,12)
Mantis #6ac65b rgb(106,198,91)
Feijoa #8cd474 rgb(140,212,116)
Stack #8c948c rgb(140,148,140)
Parsley #30651f rgb(48,101,31)
Storm Dust #676862 rgb(103,104,98)
Mantis #75c661 rgb(117,198,97)
Apple #57b548 rgb(87,181,72)
Pine Cone #746057 rgb(116,96,87)
Everglade #2d5e25 rgb(45,94,37)
Heavy Metal #1f211e rgb(31,33,30)
Mantis #71c35d rgb(113,195,93)
Feijoa #98d888 rgb(152,216,136)
Cascade #84aca4 rgb(132,172,164)
Jungle Green #2cb49c rgb(44,180,156)
Sinbad #98c8d4 rgb(152,200,212)
Mantis #7cc86a rgb(124,200,106)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Green Pea #2f6023 rgb(47,96,35)
Salt Box #6c696d rgb(108,105,109)
Feijoa #9cd88c rgb(156,216,140)
Emerald #51c26d rgb(81,194,109)
Mantle #8f9492 rgb(143,148,146)
Blue Chill #11a28a rgb(17,162,138)
Woodsmoke #0d0c0e rgb(13,12,14)
Chelsea Cucumber #7cb764 rgb(124,183,100)
Mantis #72c25f rgb(114,194,95)
Edward #a8b0a8 rgb(168,176,168)
Woodland #306024 rgb(48,96,36)
Charade #2c2c34 rgb(44,44,52)
De York #9ccc8c rgb(156,204,140)

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