Freelancer: A Personal One Page Portfolio Template Freelancer: A Personal One Page Portfolio Template Freelancer: A Personal One Page Portfolio Template

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Freelancer is a one page Bootstrap portfolio theme for freelancers.

The color palette of this template is composed by 33 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Monte Carlo #78c8bd rgb(120,200,189)
Cutty Sark #527e81 rgb(82,126,129)
Mountain Meadow #1cbc9c rgb(28,188,156)
Pickled Bluewood #2c3c53 rgb(44,60,83)
Black Squeeze #e9f7f7 rgb(233,247,247)
Raw Sienna #db8a44 rgb(219,138,68)
Oslo Gray #909294 rgb(144,146,148)
Eastern Blue #1e99b1 rgb(30,153,177)
Sirocco #667e7b rgb(102,126,123)
Sinbad #99c5d6 rgb(153,197,214)
Red Damask #df6e40 rgb(223,110,64)
Juniper #6a8990 rgb(106,137,144)
Persian Blue #1334b5 rgb(19,52,181)
Gondola #140d13 rgb(20,13,19)
Ronchi #edc746 rgb(237,199,70)
Granny Smith #81999d rgb(129,153,157)
Mountain Meadow #1ca48c rgb(28,164,140)
Pickled Bluewood #2f3f56 rgb(47,63,86)
Black Squeeze #f8fcfc rgb(248,252,252)
Regent Gray #8c99a4 rgb(140,153,164)
Lochinvar #248474 rgb(36,132,116)
Pickled Bluewood #2c3c54 rgb(44,60,84)
Lilac Bush #906cd0 rgb(144,108,208)
Downy #6ac5b7 rgb(106,197,183)
Nevada #5d777b rgb(93,119,123)
Jungle Green #2fb59d rgb(47,181,157)
Pickled Bluewood #2c3c52 rgb(44,60,82)
Humming Bird #dcfaf9 rgb(220,250,249)
Mountain Meadow #22b79b rgb(34,183,155)
Nevada #6c6f75 rgb(108,111,117)
Bunker #0f1921 rgb(15,25,33)
Shuttle Gray #4f606c rgb(79,96,108)
Half Baked #82c7c3 rgb(130,199,195)

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