Personal Portfolio: One Page Bootstrap Template Personal Portfolio: One Page Bootstrap Template Personal Portfolio: One Page Bootstrap Template

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This personal portfolio aims to be the template of your personal website as long as you're a developer or UX Designer. This template features:

  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Responsive Layout Design
  • HTML5 CSS Technology
  • Onepage Layout Designs
  • Modern Browsers Compatible
  • Clean and Simple Style CSS

A very cool one-page portfolio template for all the independent designers. You can use this free bootstrap template to offer your creative services or products. This is a one-page bootstrap template which will reflect your creative personality. It is 100% mobile-friendly and looks amazing on any device.

The color palette of this template is composed by 31 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Dodger Blue #3ba3fa rgb(59,163,250)
Wisteria #9f6cac rgb(159,108,172)
Wine Berry #43153b rgb(67,21,59)
Vin Rouge #924066 rgb(146,64,102)
Light Wisteria #bd92db rgb(189,146,219)
Amethyst #9c4ccc rgb(156,76,204)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Honey Flower #4b1d67 rgb(75,29,103)
Falcon #805f78 rgb(128,95,120)
Amethyst #9c5cc4 rgb(156,92,196)
Amethyst #9544cc rgb(149,68,204)
Wisteria #935db7 rgb(147,93,183)
Honey Flower #491c68 rgb(73,28,104)
Old Lavender #7c6475 rgb(124,100,117)
Prelude #c7b1e1 rgb(199,177,225)
Purple Heart #7c35d4 rgb(124,53,212)
Scarlet Gum #3d176d rgb(61,23,109)
Medium Purple #a16add rgb(161,106,221)
Koromiko #fcbc64 rgb(252,188,100)
Jumbo #74747c rgb(116,116,124)
Peru Tan #824c02 rgb(130,76,2)
Dodger Blue #34a4fc rgb(52,164,252)
Royal Blue #644cec rgb(100,76,236)
East Bay #433d7c rgb(67,61,124)
Arapawa #1c0c77 rgb(28,12,119)
Dolphin #6e6979 rgb(110,105,121)
Portage #8874f3 rgb(136,116,243)
Dodger Blue #35a4fc rgb(53,164,252)
Mobster #7d757e rgb(125,117,126)
Chambray #344484 rgb(52,68,132)
Martinique #342c44 rgb(52,44,68)

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