Folio: A Bootstrap Based Showcase Portfolio Folio: A Bootstrap Based Showcase Portfolio Folio: A Bootstrap Based Showcase Portfolio Folio: A Bootstrap Based Showcase Portfolio

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Folio is a pretty simple, elegant and well designed template to showcase your personal profile. Clean source code and well organized files for easy to customization, will provide you with a premium template feeling. This template gives you a personal space to share what you are all about as a creative designer, developer, photographer or pretty much any profession.

Its design is a single page based with 4 blocks, the home block, a block to describe what is all about in your page, another block to show your portfolio, a block for showing blog posts and finally a contact form.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Eunry #cba392 rgb(203,163,146)
Tobacco Brown #715142 rgb(113,81,66)
Spicy Mix #87613f rgb(135,97,63)
Leather #906a50 rgb(144,106,80)
Bone #e1c7ba rgb(225,199,186)
Tacha #dcc860 rgb(220,200,96)
Hemp #8c7474 rgb(140,116,116)
Himalaya #6c5f17 rgb(108,95,23)
Zambezi #735d62 rgb(115,93,98)
Amour #fcf4fc rgb(252,244,252)
Zambezi #67525a rgb(103,82,90)
Ship Gray #38363a rgb(56,54,58)
Merino #f8f4ec rgb(248,244,236)
Copper Rust #994a46 rgb(153,74,70)
Emperor #564b4e rgb(86,75,78)
Sycamore #94943c rgb(148,148,60)
Pablo #746c5c rgb(116,108,92)
Equator #e4b262 rgb(228,178,98)
Muddy Waters #b88557 rgb(184,133,87)
Topaz #8b8696 rgb(139,134,150)
Tamarind #200c1a rgb(32,12,26)
Spicy Mix #7e5244 rgb(126,82,68)
Tan #d5b491 rgb(213,180,145)
Scooter #2cc0c4 rgb(44,192,196)
Leather #996a5b rgb(153,106,91)
Eastern Blue #24a4b0 rgb(36,164,176)
Smalt Blue #59868c rgb(89,134,140)
Contessa #c0866e rgb(192,134,110)
Java #21bdc8 rgb(33,189,200)
Oslo Gray #9b9e9f rgb(155,158,159)
Eastern Blue #169dad rgb(22,157,173)
Outer Space #373b3e rgb(55,59,62)
Akaroa #dbbfad rgb(219,191,173)
Chestnut Rose #cc6464 rgb(204,100,100)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Wine Berry #632020 rgb(99,32,32)
Mine Shaft #383838 rgb(56,56,56)
Aqua Spring #f4fcfc rgb(244,252,252)
Jumbo #7c7c7e rgb(124,124,126)
Mine Shaft #333333 rgb(51,51,51)
Ecru White #f3ede1 rgb(243,237,225)

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