Bell: A Free Multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Template Bell: A Free Multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Template Bell: A Free Multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Template Bell: A Free Multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Template

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Bell is a single page Bootstrap 4 theme. Bell can be used for multipurpose website including Agency, Startup, Business, Factory, Real Estate, Construction, Finance, Consulting, Cleaning Service or any type of business website. Just change your Text, Image and Colors and get your website. Everything is already made for you! You can also check out our other Bootstrap 4 templates

Key Features:

  • Bootstrap 4 support
  • SASS files include
  • Parallax blocks
  • Animated scrolling
  • Counters
  • Slick modern design
  • One pager design

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Jelly Bean #288297 rgb(40,130,151)
Flint #68625d rgb(104,98,93)
Eastern Blue #1a9cb4 rgb(26,156,180)
Armadillo #484038 rgb(72,64,56)
Downy #70beca rgb(112,190,202)
Hot Cinnamon #dc5a16 rgb(220,90,22)
Blumine #185565 rgb(24,85,101)
Half Baked #86c7d1 rgb(134,199,209)
Trinidad #dc4d06 rgb(220,77,6)
Cloudy #a7a4a1 rgb(167,164,161)
Chathams Blue #165463 rgb(22,84,99)
Shark #292a2c rgb(41,42,44)
Aquamarine Blue #7ed7e4 rgb(126,215,228)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Elm #1e748d rgb(30,116,141)
Te Papa Green #1f3435 rgb(31,52,53)
Fountain Blue #5ab8c7 rgb(90,184,199)
Jelly Bean #22768e rgb(34,118,142)
Corduroy #676d6c rgb(103,109,108)
Jelly Bean #2890a2 rgb(40,144,162)
Outer Space #203233 rgb(32,50,51)
Downy #6abece rgb(106,190,206)
Eastern Blue #1e9cb6 rgb(30,156,182)
Glacier #85b5c2 rgb(133,181,194)
Desert #b45420 rgb(180,84,32)
Dove Gray #746f6d rgb(116,111,109)
Shakespeare #5cbccc rgb(92,188,204)
Eastern Blue #1d9cb4 rgb(29,156,180)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Chathams Blue #145c6c rgb(20,92,108)
Cod Gray #070707 rgb(7,7,7)
Sinbad #99ccd4 rgb(153,204,212)
Eastern Blue #1c9ab5 rgb(28,154,181)
Regent Gray #81929a rgb(129,146,154)
Jelly Bean #276b9b rgb(39,107,155)
Log Cabin #26271e rgb(38,39,30)
Spray #8ad5f1 rgb(138,213,241)
Eastern Blue #1b9cb3 rgb(27,156,179)
Shadow Green #9cc1c4 rgb(156,193,196)
Ming #387a88 rgb(56,122,136)
Black #040404 rgb(4,4,4)
Turquoise Blue #69d2e4 rgb(105,210,228)

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