Awesome Landing Page: A Free Single Page Template Awesome Landing Page: A Free Single Page Template Awesome Landing Page: A Free Single Page Template Awesome Landing Page: A Free Single Page Template

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Be amazed by the best looking bootstrap landing page on the web! It comes with 5 beautiful and bright colors. Your new app deserves an amazing page to show all of its features. Clear visual, light colours and beautifully aligned elements - they all try to make the users aware of your great app features! Build customer confidence by listing your users! Anyone who has used your service and has been pleased with it should have a place here! From Fortune 500 to start-ups, all your app enthusiasts will be glad to be featured in this section. Moreover, users will feel confident seeing someone vouching for your product!

With all the apps that users love! Make it easy for users to share, like, post and tweet their favourite things from the app. Making use of third app assets should be a must when you design your app. Be sure to let users know they continue to remain connected while using your app! Grab this free bootstrap landing page and create a beautiful website.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Old Gold #cea640 rgb(206,166,64)
Patina #609d95 rgb(96,157,149)
Ming #347478 rgb(52,116,120)
Rangitoto #272620 rgb(39,38,32)
Half Baked #78c7c8 rgb(120,199,200)
Fuchsia Pink #b838b8 rgb(184,56,184)
Fedora #7c747c rgb(124,116,124)
Ebony #04050b rgb(4,5,11)
Bright Gray #3c4454 rgb(60,68,84)
White Lilac #f4f4fc rgb(244,244,252)
Polo Blue #88acd4 rgb(136,172,212)
Oslo Gray #97999a rgb(151,153,154)
Ebony #04060e rgb(4,6,14)
Tuna #393c45 rgb(57,60,69)
Link Water #f3f3fc rgb(243,243,252)
Dodger Blue #32a8fc rgb(50,168,252)
Friar Gray #7c7c74 rgb(124,124,116)
Cosmic #6c344c rgb(108,52,76)
Abbey #515152 rgb(81,81,82)
Malibu #6cc4f4 rgb(108,196,244)
Dodger Blue #2ea7f4 rgb(46,167,244)
Stack #8b8f89 rgb(139,143,137)
Boston Blue #3982ac rgb(57,130,172)
Russett #7d5e5b rgb(125,94,91)
Emerald #4ecf62 rgb(78,207,98)
Copper Rust #a0504c rgb(160,80,76)
Pale Oyster #9c9484 rgb(156,148,132)
Buccaneer #592c2a rgb(89,44,42)
Bismark #446c7c rgb(68,108,124)
Peppermint #e8f8e4 rgb(232,248,228)
Ming #3c7484 rgb(60,116,132)
Acapulco #7cb4a4 rgb(124,180,164)
Eden #134c5b rgb(19,76,91)
Cutty Sark #477070 rgb(71,112,112)
Oyster Pink #eccccc rgb(236,204,204)
Picton Blue #21bae6 rgb(33,186,230)
Gray #908f8f rgb(144,143,143)
Cello #1f556c rgb(31,85,108)
Sandstone #776a65 rgb(119,106,101)
Seagull #87d4ec rgb(135,212,236)
Polo Blue #89abca rgb(137,171,202)
Cutty Sark #59847a rgb(89,132,122)
Eden #134d5b rgb(19,77,91)
Cutty Sark #467070 rgb(70,112,112)
Black Squeeze #f3fafa rgb(243,250,250)

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