Paper Kit 2: Free Bootstrap 4 UI KIT Paper Kit 2: Free Bootstrap 4 UI KIT Paper Kit 2: Free Bootstrap 4 UI KIT Paper Kit 2: Free Bootstrap 4 UI KIT

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Any elements that is vital to code a web project is already on this kit, fully coded. All components are fully responsive and look great on every screen size. Transitions, shadows, colors, they all resemble the flow you would have using pieces of paper. We have created the UI Kit kit having pastel colors and paper in mind. It feels light, fresh and easy to go through. It features beautiful typography, font icons and thoughtful layouts.

Paper Kit 2 has a PRO version with a huge number of components, sections and examples: Paper Kit 2 PRO. Based on feedback from people that downloaded and used it, we have added needed components and we have created multiple examples pages. We are curious to see how you want to use it and also improve it, so let us know any feedback you have. Paper Kit 2 is built on top of Bootstrap 4 Beta, so it fully supports it. Most of the elements from the framework are re-designed to resemble sheets of paper and color pastels. If the are elements that we have not touched, they will gracefully fall back to the Bootstrap 4 default.

The color palette of this template is composed by 37 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Flamingo #f45e40 rgb(244,94,64)
Quicksand #b89790 rgb(184,151,144)
Kenyan Copper #7d1a07 rgb(125,26,7)
Manhattan #f3b59f rgb(243,181,159)
Carnation #f46850 rgb(244,104,80)
Kenyan Copper #7c1807 rgb(124,24,7)
Geraldine #f89c8c rgb(248,156,140)
Flamingo #f45c3c rgb(244,92,60)
Hurricane #847c7c rgb(132,124,124)
Kenyan Copper #7d1b07 rgb(125,27,7)
Storm Dust #64645c rgb(100,100,92)
Apricot Peach #fcc4a4 rgb(252,196,164)
Aquamarine Blue #6cc4e4 rgb(108,196,228)
Chathams Blue #145770 rgb(20,87,112)
Apricot #f49a82 rgb(244,154,130)
Bittersweet #fc745c rgb(252,116,92)
Tapa #7f7772 rgb(127,119,114)
Kenyan Copper #821502 rgb(130,21,2)
Salomie #fcd47c rgb(252,212,124)
Santa Fe #b46c4e rgb(180,108,78)
Chicago #5c5c5b rgb(92,92,91)
Saddle #543424 rgb(84,52,36)
Ironside Gray #6c6c64 rgb(108,108,100)
Tan Hide #fb8f62 rgb(251,143,98)
Carnation #f46149 rgb(244,97,73)
Dusty Gray #9c9494 rgb(156,148,148)
Kenyan Copper #7d1807 rgb(125,24,7)
Froly #f48977 rgb(244,137,119)
Flamingo #f15a3e rgb(241,90,62)
Ironside Gray #666564 rgb(102,101,100)
Quincy #60442b rgb(96,68,43)
Gravel #434144 rgb(67,65,68)
Merino #f9f5f0 rgb(249,245,240)
Downy #6cd49c rgb(108,212,156)
Dove Gray #746e6d rgb(116,110,109)
Green Pea #1e663f rgb(30,102,63)
Viking #5cbbdd rgb(92,187,221)

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