Neumorphism UI: a Neumorphism inspired User Interface Kit Neumorphism UI: a Neumorphism inspired User Interface Kit Neumorphism UI: a Neumorphism inspired User Interface Kit

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Start developing neumorphic web applications and pages using Neumorphism UI which makes use of the neumorphic design trend. It features over 200 individual components and 5 example pages. This UI KIT features:

  • Over 200 neumorphic components – premium Bootstrap components to create beautiful website
  • 5 hand-crafted pages – we took the time to create a few example pages to show you how gorgeous pages can look like
  • Fully documented – workflow and components are properly documented with copy-paste snippets
  • WCAG 2.1 Accessibility – color schemes and general best practices according to WCAG
  • W3C Validated – all html files are verified and error free
  • Creative rights – you have full right to use and distribute the included images, icons and fonts
  • Great workflow – using Gulp commands and SASS variables you get a fast and powerful development workflow
  • Minified code – using one of our Gulp commands you can get the project files in a minified state
  • Gulp partials – components and sections are well documented and included as partials that you can use to build even more pages
  • Free Updates – Pixel will be continuously updated and you’ll get free updates
  • Customer support – get 6 months of free customer support from the creators of the theme

The color palette of this template is composed by 29 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Gray Chateau #9ea4b0 rgb(158,164,176)
Comet #50586b rgb(80,88,107)
White Lilac #e3e3f4 rgb(227,227,244)
Manatee #8c8c96 rgb(140,140,150)
Whisper #e7e9f4 rgb(231,233,244)
Indigo #5485c5 rgb(84,133,197)
Manatee #8c95a4 rgb(140,149,164)
Blue Dianne #284a5c rgb(40,74,92)
Shuttle Gray #5c6875 rgb(92,104,117)
Black Squeeze #e9f4f6 rgb(233,244,246)
Santa Fe #a6764e rgb(166,118,78)
Dawn #9c9a98 rgb(156,154,152)
Quincy #5a402a rgb(90,64,42)
Lunar Green #383e38 rgb(56,62,56)
Akaroa #d6bca9 rgb(214,188,169)
Di Serria #d79963 rgb(215,153,99)
Spicy Mix #876046 rgb(135,96,70)
Deep Oak #492c11 rgb(73,44,17)
Tuatara #3e3d3a rgb(62,61,58)
Catskill White #ebf4f6 rgb(235,244,246)
Cape Palliser #a4614c rgb(164,97,76)
Comet #5c5c74 rgb(92,92,116)
Metallic Copper #6c2c24 rgb(108,44,36)
Cod Gray #1b1a18 rgb(27,26,24)
White Lilac #e4e4f4 rgb(228,228,244)
Chestnut Rose #cc5c4c rgb(204,92,76)
Spicy Mix #8c5549 rgb(140,85,73)
Persian Plum #76241c rgb(118,36,28)
Mid Gray #5b5c69 rgb(91,92,105)

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