Boomerang UI Kit: a Free Bootstrap 4 Based User Interface Kit Boomerang UI Kit: a Free Bootstrap 4 Based User Interface Kit Boomerang UI Kit: a Free Bootstrap 4 Based User Interface Kit Boomerang UI Kit: a Free Bootstrap 4 Based User Interface Kit

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Boomerang is a high quality UI Kit built on top of the well known Bootstrap 4 Framework. This theme was designed as its own extended version of Bootstrap with multiple functionalities and controls added, extended color palette and beautiful typography.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cornflower Blue #5098ea rgb(80,152,234)
Mariner #1f6bc1 rgb(31,107,193)
Picton Blue #4494e4 rgb(68,148,228)
Torch Red #f81444 rgb(248,20,68)
Edward #a9acac rgb(169,172,172)
Paprika #80031e rgb(128,3,30)
Nandor #545c58 rgb(84,92,88)
Malibu #84c4fc rgb(132,196,252)
Red Ribbon #f51545 rgb(245,21,69)
Edward #9c9f9f rgb(156,159,159)
Monarch #7f051f rgb(127,5,31)
Ship Gray #3f3e44 rgb(63,62,68)
Picton Blue #3e93f2 rgb(62,147,242)
Monte Carlo #84d0cc rgb(132,208,204)
Delta #acaca4 rgb(172,172,164)
Blue Dianne #245f5c rgb(36,95,92)
Sirocco #6e7474 rgb(110,116,116)
We Peep #f4ccdc rgb(244,204,220)
Blush #b54563 rgb(181,69,99)
Edward #9c9d9d rgb(156,157,157)
Wine Berry #602434 rgb(96,36,52)
Shark #25252a rgb(37,37,42)
Dodger Blue #338cf2 rgb(51,140,242)
Dodger Blue #489cf8 rgb(72,156,248)
Oslo Gray #8c9094 rgb(140,144,148)
Congress Blue #043f7f rgb(4,63,127)
Malibu #84bcfc rgb(132,188,252)
Deep Blush #e46494 rgb(228,100,148)
Santas Gray #9c9ca4 rgb(156,156,164)
Claret #701336 rgb(112,19,54)
Blue Bayoux #4c6c74 rgb(76,108,116)
Dodger Blue #3892f6 rgb(56,146,246)
Star Dust #a0a09e rgb(160,160,158)
Catalina Blue #053f7e rgb(5,63,126)
Abbey #44454b rgb(68,69,75)
Link Water #ecf3fb rgb(236,243,251)
Royal Blue #3886ea rgb(56,134,234)
Abbey #515155 rgb(81,81,85)
Potters Clay #8b553a rgb(139,85,58)
Cocoa Brown #261d1e rgb(38,29,30)
Deep Blush #e26596 rgb(226,101,150)

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