Developer: A Single Developer Portfolio Theme Developer: A Single Developer Portfolio Theme

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Developer is a free Bootstrap theme designed to help developers promote their work. It can be used as a professional portal to your other online portfolios or websites (eg. Linkedin, CoderWall, Blog, GitHub etc) in a modular fashion. The theme comes with all of the source SCSS files included so the styling/colour can easily be customised to your taste. This template features:

  •  Fully Responsive
  •  HTML5 + CSS3
  •  Built on Bootstrap 4
  •  Source SCSS files included
  •  1000+ FontAwesome 5 icons

The color palette of this template is composed by 25 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Apple #55bc4e rgb(85,188,78)
Roman Coffee #765a47 rgb(118,90,71)
Karaka #251e0b rgb(37,30,11)
Fedora #7a6a74 rgb(122,106,116)
Celadon #a8dea6 rgb(168,222,166)
Brown Rust #a7603d rgb(167,96,61)
Gothic #6a96a5 rgb(106,150,165)
Spice #6c3830 rgb(108,56,48)
Willow Grove #5c6858 rgb(92,104,88)
De York #7ccc9c rgb(124,204,156)
Danube #5ca8cc rgb(92,168,204)
Mid Gray #5c5c64 rgb(92,92,100)
Cello #1f4e64 rgb(31,78,100)
Outer Space #373f42 rgb(55,63,66)
Half Baked #86bed5 rgb(134,190,213)
Potters Clay #90543c rgb(144,84,60)
Gray Asparagus #51584e rgb(81,88,78)
Iroko #463420 rgb(70,52,32)
Thunder #2d2227 rgb(45,34,39)
Emerald #61cc8d rgb(97,204,141)
Apple #56b94f rgb(86,185,79)
Dove Gray #6d6a6b rgb(109,106,107)
Aztec #0e1c21 rgb(14,28,33)
Outer Space #343b3d rgb(52,59,61)
Polar #e4f9f2 rgb(228,249,242)

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