ArchitectUI: an Angular 7 Free Dashboard Template ArchitectUI: an Angular 7 Free Dashboard Template ArchitectUI: an Angular 7 Free Dashboard Template

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ArchitectUI Angular 7 Dashboard Template is the free, open source version of our premium admin template: ArchitectUI Angular 7 PRO Theme. It comes packed with a set of beautiful elements and components that can offer you a head start in developing your web application. It has a fully responsive layout, multiple colour schemes for both Bootstrap elements and layout components. This theme can be downloaded for free from either our website or from the public Github repository.

The color palette of this template is composed by 34 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Picton Blue #48aae0 rgb(72,170,224)
Chelsea Cucumber #8aa554 rgb(138,165,84)
Blumine #20507d rgb(32,80,125)
Birch #3e3227 rgb(62,50,39)
Olivine #94bc67 rgb(148,188,103)
Chelsea Cucumber #82ae50 rgb(130,174,80)
Oslo Gray #95989a rgb(149,152,154)
Chathams Blue #103a5e rgb(16,58,94)
Abbey #575a5d rgb(87,90,93)
Ship Cove #6c98ba rgb(108,152,186)
Sushi #78ac44 rgb(120,172,68)
Waikawa Gray #5c749c rgb(92,116,156)
Woodland #425f25 rgb(66,95,37)
Polar #d2eff5 rgb(210,239,245)
Sushi #8abd4d rgb(138,189,77)
Shuttle Gray #5f6d7d rgb(95,109,125)
Cioccolato #5c2c0c rgb(92,44,12)
Tuatara #222120 rgb(34,33,32)
Careys Pink #d19dbc rgb(209,157,188)
Shakespeare #4c9cd4 rgb(76,156,212)
Oriental Pink #c48c9c rgb(196,140,156)
Chathams Blue #19496a rgb(25,73,106)
Mine Shaft #2c2c2c rgb(44,44,44)
Gossip #b3f7b3 rgb(179,247,179)
Thunderbird #c83a1a rgb(200,58,26)
Santas Gray #9d9db7 rgb(157,157,183)
Jungle Green #2cb57e rgb(44,181,126)
Shark #1f1f20 rgb(31,31,32)
Light Wisteria #c5a2d9 rgb(197,162,217)
Contessa #c26a7d rgb(194,106,125)
River Bed #465460 rgb(70,84,96)
Pesto #806830 rgb(128,104,48)
Cod Gray #0d0a0a rgb(13,10,10)
Wewak #eea3b9 rgb(238,163,185)

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