Infinity: a Free Agency Website Template Infinity: a Free Agency Website Template Infinity: a Free Agency Website Template Infinity: a Free Agency Website Template

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Infinity is a clean, modern and well crafted responsive template designed for creatives and agencies. The template suits the needs of creative agencies, freelancers, and even small business websites. Infinity is mobile and retina/hi-dpi ready which means your site will look awesome, crisp and sharp on any screen resolutions and devices. Also, the code behind infinity is clean and well organized which makes the template very easy to customize.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Laser #c5ae73 rgb(197,174,115)
Driftwood #a88d4a rgb(168,141,74)
Sepia #6c4d14 rgb(108,77,20)
Mondo #44382c rgb(68,56,44)
Ecru White #f3eee0 rgb(243,238,224)
Kumera #8c5c24 rgb(140,92,36)
Dove Gray #6c6c6c rgb(108,108,108)
Copper #ac742c rgb(172,116,44)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Fire Bush #e49f30 rgb(228,159,48)
Gray #848484 rgb(132,132,132)
Hawaiian Tan #8e5c14 rgb(142,92,20)
Tuatara #3b3b3a rgb(59,59,58)
Anzac #e1a449 rgb(225,164,73)
San Marino #406d97 rgb(64,109,151)
Silk #b8aba4 rgb(184,171,164)
Luxor Gold #9d7c34 rgb(157,124,52)
Dorado #665954 rgb(102,89,84)
Gimblet #b8ac68 rgb(184,172,104)
Astral #3772a1 rgb(55,114,161)
Dorado #6c5d58 rgb(108,93,88)
Cello #214164 rgb(33,65,100)
Mineral Green #3b5a5c rgb(59,90,92)
Fountain Blue #5f99bf rgb(95,153,191)
Tonys Pink #e49c7c rgb(228,156,124)
Governor Bay #3834b0 rgb(56,52,176)
Cod Gray #0e0e0e rgb(14,14,14)
Catskill White #e8f4f4 rgb(232,244,244)
Tussock #c48c38 rgb(196,140,56)
Corduroy #616c6c rgb(97,108,108)
Bottle Green #041413 rgb(4,20,19)
Ebony Clay #1c252c rgb(28,37,44)
Sea Buckthorn #faa52f rgb(250,165,47)
Antique Brass #c67e63 rgb(198,126,99)
Gunsmoke #898a8a rgb(137,138,138)
Blumine #176072 rgb(23,96,114)
Woodsmoke #0f1010 rgb(15,16,16)
My Pink #d99683 rgb(217,150,131)
Sea Buckthorn #fba42c rgb(251,164,44)
Shuttle Gray #596064 rgb(89,96,100)
Mirage #1b242c rgb(27,36,44)
Apache #dab468 rgb(218,180,104)

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