Khronos: a High Quality Free Website Template Khronos: a High Quality Free Website Template Khronos: a High Quality Free Website Template Khronos: a High Quality Free Website Template

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Khronos is a creative pack of coming soon template pages. It’s elegant and clean design makes it perfect for every creative people, corporate, agency or anyone who is currently building their site and want to show a coming soon page in a creative way. Khronos is available in three style variations: static, slideshow, and particle background. It is fully responsive and retina ready, looks great on any screen and devices. It is also mailchimp ready and has a working ajax contact form.

The color palette of this template is composed by 33 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Puerto Rico #3fbf9f rgb(63,191,159)
Oslo Gray #959898 rgb(149,152,152)
Black Bean #040c0a rgb(4,12,10)
Outer Space #242c2b rgb(36,44,43)
Chicago #5c5c54 rgb(92,92,84)
Cod Gray #1d1c1c rgb(29,28,28)
Stark White #e9dfc6 rgb(233,223,198)
Turquoise #1fdfd2 rgb(31,223,210)
Nandor #4c4f4d rgb(76,79,77)
Tiber #0a4642 rgb(10,70,66)
Cod Gray #141314 rgb(20,19,20)
Stark White #e9e0c9 rgb(233,224,201)
Bright Turquoise #0cf2f2 rgb(12,242,242)
Breaker Bay #5c9c9c rgb(92,156,156)
Evening Sea #044c4c rgb(4,76,76)
Smalt Blue #4c8c8c rgb(76,140,140)
Hippie Blue #53a3af rgb(83,163,175)
Tradewind #6bb0ad rgb(107,176,173)
Chicago #585753 rgb(88,87,83)
Aqua Island #a3d7d9 rgb(163,215,217)
Celery #c4c060 rgb(196,192,96)
Scorpion #5c5c5c rgb(92,92,92)
Black Bean #040c07 rgb(4,12,7)
Kelp #3f4236 rgb(63,66,54)
Governor Bay #3f3fbf rgb(63,63,191)
Ebony #04040c rgb(4,4,12)
Abbey #44444c rgb(68,68,76)
Chateau Green #3fbf5f rgb(63,191,95)
Fuscous Gray #57584e rgb(87,88,78)
Black Bean #040c06 rgb(4,12,6)
Cabbage Pont #4b5443 rgb(75,84,67)
Abbey #505253 rgb(80,82,83)
Black #040404 rgb(4,4,4)

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