Imminent: a Stylish Free Coming Soon Landing Page Website Template Imminent: a Stylish Free Coming Soon Landing Page Website Template Imminent: a Stylish Free Coming Soon Landing Page Website Template Imminent: a Stylish Free Coming Soon Landing Page Website Template

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Imminent is a modern and elegant free coming soon website template. A fully-featured, handcrafted website template built with attention to details. The template is also versatile you can use it for different types of websites like agencies, personal sites, small business, etc. You’re gonna love its beautifully designed hero banner with its subtle animation and nice typography. It has a nice animated countdown timer, subscription form, tabs where you can put additional information about your site. It comes in three style variants: static, slideshow and particle background. Also, the code behind this website template is clean, organized and well-commented making it easy to modify and customize. With its great design and features, you won’t believe its a free template!

The color palette of this template is composed by 39 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Amethyst #c044c4 rgb(192,68,196)
Gunsmoke #898c8c rgb(137,140,140)
Firefly #0c292c rgb(12,41,44)
Plantation #28464c rgb(40,70,76)
Pine Glade #accc84 rgb(172,204,132)
Dove Gray #6c6464 rgb(108,100,100)
Woodland #455d26 rgb(69,93,38)
Tundora #484044 rgb(72,64,68)
Deco #c4dc94 rgb(196,220,148)
Pine Glade #bfcf95 rgb(191,207,149)
Blue Bayoux #465f6b rgb(70,95,107)
Woodland #4d5b29 rgb(77,91,41)
Gray Asparagus #4c564a rgb(76,86,74)
Beryl Green #d5dfb9 rgb(213,223,185)
Sushi #94c43c rgb(148,196,60)
Falcon #745c64 rgb(116,92,100)
Fern Frond #4c651e rgb(76,101,30)
Abbey #44444c rgb(68,68,76)
Beryl Green #dde4c5 rgb(221,228,197)
Sushi #8fc33f rgb(143,195,63)
Pine Glade #abc88f rgb(171,200,143)
Haiti #111434 rgb(17,20,52)
Tapa #77746e rgb(119,116,110)
Beryl Green #dfe7bf rgb(223,231,191)
Driftwood #b48848 rgb(180,136,72)
Gunsmoke #7c8484 rgb(124,132,132)
Black Bean #040c0c rgb(4,12,12)
Nandor #4e5a59 rgb(78,90,89)
Fruit Salad #50ae63 rgb(80,174,99)
Gray #848484 rgb(132,132,132)
Racing Green #112515 rgb(17,37,21)
Cape Cod #444c48 rgb(68,76,72)
Pelorous #3fbfbf rgb(63,191,191)
Nandor #505b5a rgb(80,91,90)
Outer Space #293634 rgb(41,54,52)
Ocean Green #4ab46f rgb(74,180,111)
Finlandia #5c625c rgb(92,98,92)
Racing Green #0c1d12 rgb(12,29,18)
Green Kelp #1b2d1d rgb(27,45,29)

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