Hesed: a Clean and Modern Free Church Website Template Hesed: a Clean and Modern Free Church Website Template Hesed: a Clean and Modern Free Church Website Template Hesed: a Clean and Modern Free Church Website Template

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Hesed is a free website template designed for churches. A clean and modern church website template that has all the essential features, pages and elements a church needs. It is easy and straightforward to use, users of any level will find it easy to utilize. Also, the template’s code is well commented and organized making it easy to customize. If you are looking for a free template that would help you kick-start your process of creating an effective and great-looking church website, Hesed is the right template for you.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Tradewind #4db1ae rgb(77,177,174)
Ironside Gray #62615e rgb(98,97,94)
Plantation #255453 rgb(37,84,83)
Millbrook #5e4537 rgb(94,69,55)
Brown Rust #a45c3c rgb(164,92,60)
Hemp #947c7c rgb(148,124,124)
Coffee Bean #220b0c rgb(34,11,12)
Kabul #5e4444 rgb(94,68,68)
Merino #f8f4ec rgb(248,244,236)
Fire Bush #e2863b rgb(226,134,59)
Zorba #9b8d88 rgb(155,141,136)
Crowshead #22080a rgb(34,8,10)
Dorado #64504f rgb(100,80,79)
Fantasy #f9efed rgb(249,239,237)
Old Copper #744c34 rgb(116,76,52)
Cloudy #a7a2a0 rgb(167,162,160)
Aubergine #3c0c14 rgb(60,12,20)
Emperor #544444 rgb(84,68,68)
Catskill White #ecf6f6 rgb(236,246,246)
Driftwood #a08c48 rgb(160,140,72)
Slate Gray #707b90 rgb(112,123,144)
Black Pearl #081134 rgb(8,17,52)
Cinder #060509 rgb(6,5,9)
Almond #eedec2 rgb(238,222,194)
Lotus #743444 rgb(116,52,68)
Sirocco #6c7474 rgb(108,116,116)
Jacksons Purple #1c248c rgb(28,36,140)
Woodsmoke #111115 rgb(17,17,21)
Cameo #dcbc9c rgb(220,188,156)
Potters Clay #8c5434 rgb(140,84,52)
Sirocco #707c7c rgb(112,124,124)
Metallic Bronze #4c2c1c rgb(76,44,28)
Mine Shaft #2c2929 rgb(44,41,41)
Fun Blue #1669ad rgb(22,105,173)
River Bed #47545f rgb(71,84,95)
Cloud Burst #1e2352 rgb(30,35,82)
Sand Dune #806d63 rgb(128,109,99)
Malibu #97d2f7 rgb(151,210,247)
Tussock #c0854c rgb(192,133,76)
Chicago #5c5c5b rgb(92,92,91)
Potters Clay #95603a rgb(149,96,58)
Tuatara #272726 rgb(39,39,38)

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