Typerite: a Clean and Modern Masonry Blog Template Typerite: a Clean and Modern Masonry Blog Template Typerite: a Clean and Modern Masonry Blog Template

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Typerite is a clean and modern masonry blog template. It features a clean minimalist contemporary design and puts emphasis on your content. It is versatile and flexible and can be used with different niches like travel, personal, tutorial, and lifestyle just to name a few. It includes pages for the following post formats: standard, video, audio, and gallery. In addition to the front page and post format pages, it also has page templates for contact, about, and archive. Typerite is fully responsive and retina ready so you also can rest assured that your site will look great and crisp on any devices and screen sizes.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Half Baked #89bcd4 rgb(137,188,212)
Soya Bean #665e4f rgb(102,94,79)
Fern Frond #575b1e rgb(87,91,30)
Asparagus #7a8b4f rgb(122,139,79)
Half Baked #92c4d4 rgb(146,196,212)
Nutmeg #814a25 rgb(129,74,37)
Taupe Gray #b2a792 rgb(178,167,146)
Sycamore #977d41 rgb(151,125,65)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Sapling #ded299 rgb(222,210,153)
Flame Pea #cf583a rgb(207,88,58)
Fuscous Gray #57564f rgb(87,86,79)
Mule Fawn #995030 rgb(153,80,48)
Limed Ash #727b63 rgb(114,123,99)
Zombie #e0d293 rgb(224,210,147)
Downy #5cc4cc rgb(92,196,204)
Shady Lady #b1b0b1 rgb(177,176,177)
Celtic #143418 rgb(20,52,24)
Nevada #5c5f60 rgb(92,95,96)
Wewak #f4a4a4 rgb(244,164,164)
Sushi #78a038 rgb(120,160,56)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Lotus #833837 rgb(131,56,55)
Cabbage Pont #3a4c38 rgb(58,76,56)
Chestnut Rose #d45c54 rgb(212,92,84)
Tussock #bfa14d rgb(191,161,77)
Shady Lady #a6a0a3 rgb(166,160,163)
Bunting #0e123a rgb(14,18,58)
Storm Dust #686a61 rgb(104,106,97)
Almond #edcfc4 rgb(237,207,196)
Chelsea Cucumber #7ea949 rgb(126,169,73)
Fern Green #547944 rgb(84,121,68)
Lotus #803838 rgb(128,56,56)
Kelp #4b4c3c rgb(75,76,60)
Roman #dc6360 rgb(220,99,96)

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