Epitome: a Modern Free Personal Porfolio Website Template Epitome: a Modern Free Personal Porfolio Website Template Epitome: a Modern Free Personal Porfolio Website Template Epitome: a Modern Free Personal Porfolio Website Template Epitome: a Modern Free Personal Porfolio Website Template

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Epitome is a beautifully crafted free resume and personal portfolio website template. It is modern, trendy and features a visually attractive design. An ideal website template for creative professionals and freelancers who want to create an online presence that would stand out from the average. Epitome has all the important elements of an effective resume personal portfolio website template: an awesome fullscreen hero banner, about and qualification section, services, portfolio, testimonial and contact section. Epitome is also mobile and retina ready. It will look great on any devices from mobile to desktop and on any screen resolutions.

The color palette of this template is composed by 49 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Disco #982450 rgb(152,36,80)
Don Juan #5f4d50 rgb(95,77,80)
Black Pearl #05141b rgb(5,20,27)
Thunder #2e292b rgb(46,41,43)
Mariner #2448da rgb(36,72,218)
Dolphin #6c647c rgb(108,100,124)
Black Pearl #040818 rgb(4,8,24)
Outer Space #344444 rgb(52,68,68)
Vin Rouge #9d4567 rgb(157,69,103)
Chicago #615f5a rgb(97,95,90)
Brown Derby #4f1c15 rgb(79,28,21)
Limed Spruce #3b4d53 rgb(59,77,83)
Bone #e3d7c3 rgb(227,215,195)
Atlantis #65cc33 rgb(101,204,51)
Cloudy #b2afac rgb(178,175,172)
Black Forest #081004 rgb(8,16,4)
Tuna #3c3c44 rgb(60,60,68)
Link Water #dcecf4 rgb(220,236,244)
Polo Blue #89a9ce rgb(137,169,206)
Chicago #635f59 rgb(99,95,89)
Paco #501b13 rgb(80,27,19)
Limed Spruce #3a4c53 rgb(58,76,83)
Bone #e3d8c4 rgb(227,216,196)
San Marino #4c65b2 rgb(76,101,178)
Friar Gray #787874 rgb(120,120,116)
Ebony #0c101c rgb(12,16,28)
Corduroy #616464 rgb(97,100,100)
Hibiscus #ad255b rgb(173,37,91)
Chicago #5e5e5a rgb(94,94,90)
Heath #561228 rgb(86,18,40)
Cod Gray #161616 rgb(22,22,22)
Link Water #cde0f1 rgb(205,224,241)
Antique Brass #c4846c rgb(196,132,108)
Dove Gray #6c6c6c rgb(108,108,108)
Irish Coffee #5e3525 rgb(94,53,37)
Black #040404 rgb(4,4,4)
Ecru White #f4f0e4 rgb(244,240,228)
Maroon Flush #cc1c64 rgb(204,28,100)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Maroon Oak #631034 rgb(99,16,52)
Nandor #515251 rgb(81,82,81)
Muddy Waters #ba8164 rgb(186,129,100)
Gray #898989 rgb(137,137,137)
Ebony #0e1128 rgb(14,17,40)
My Pink #d49b84 rgb(212,155,132)
Maroon Flush #c71c63 rgb(199,28,99)
Scorpion #5d5a5a rgb(93,90,90)
Maroon Oak #5e0d2e rgb(94,13,46)
Gondola #2e181d rgb(46,24,29)

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