Kairos: a Free App Landing Page Kairos: a Free App Landing Page Kairos: a Free App Landing Page Kairos: a Free App Landing Page

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Kairos is a modern and stylish app landing page free website template. It has all the stuff you need that will help you showcase your app. Its impressive banner, call-to-action buttons, video support, testimonial slider, pricing section, and overall design will definitely help you present your app in a way that will surely impress your visitors and potential app users. Kairos is also built with clean and organized code making it easy to customize. It is also mobile and retina ready so you can be sure that your site looks great on any devices from mobile to desktop and on any screen resolutions.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Half Baked #75b4cf rgb(117,180,207)
Butterfly Bush #5c4c94 rgb(92,76,148)
Ming #317074 rgb(49,112,116)
Mid Gray #646270 rgb(100,98,112)
Wistful #a39ed3 rgb(163,158,211)
Blue Violet #5c50ac rgb(92,80,172)
Seance #8828ac rgb(136,40,172)
Butterfly Bush #574e8c rgb(87,78,140)
Wistful #b4acd8 rgb(180,172,216)
Butterfly Bush #5b4b9c rgb(91,75,156)
Amethyst Smoke #918bb5 rgb(145,139,181)
Victoria #444a8e rgb(68,74,142)
Bunker #0b1313 rgb(11,19,19)
Prelude #c8c1eb rgb(200,193,235)
Crail #bf5f3f rgb(191,95,63)
Cape Cod #4c5454 rgb(76,84,84)
Asphalt #0c0604 rgb(12,6,4)
Butterfly Bush #5c5094 rgb(92,80,148)
Victoria #52448e rgb(82,68,142)
Mid Gray #646366 rgb(100,99,102)
Deep Cove #09113c rgb(9,17,60)
William #375666 rgb(55,86,102)
Cold Purple #b4aada rgb(180,170,218)
Pelorous #38a4c0 rgb(56,164,192)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Cello #1d5766 rgb(29,87,102)
Trout #525860 rgb(82,88,96)
Prim #f4e8f0 rgb(244,232,240)
Bright Turquoise #30fad8 rgb(48,250,216)
Lavender Purple #928bb6 rgb(146,139,182)
Observatory #03816c rgb(3,129,108)
Martinique #3c3464 rgb(60,52,100)
Mint Green #84fcac rgb(132,252,172)
Blue Violet #4b50b3 rgb(75,80,179)
Oslo Gray #8f9091 rgb(143,144,145)
Ebony #101126 rgb(16,17,38)
Bunker #0a1111 rgb(10,17,17)
Aths Special #ede2d1 rgb(237,226,209)
Bright Turquoise #26f7db rgb(38,247,219)
Manatee #8f8ca6 rgb(143,140,166)
Atoll #0e646a rgb(14,100,106)
Bunker #090e0f rgb(9,14,15)
Wistful #a49cd2 rgb(164,156,210)

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