Medcare: a Health clinic, Dentist, Private Doctor Website Template Medcare: a Health clinic, Dentist, Private Doctor Website Template Medcare: a Health clinic, Dentist, Private Doctor Website Template Medcare: a Health clinic, Dentist, Private Doctor Website Template

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We place our trust in an excess of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals on a regular basis. And thus a website for your medical practice can accurately portray the level of trust, compassion, and care you provide. Though medical doctors are rightfully held to a very standard, but private practitioners must also rely on marketing to advertise their business. With our Medcare HTML template, you can create content-rich and top-class medical websites to be able to publish content in a more interactive and attractive manner.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
St Tropaz #2a59a9 rgb(42,89,169)
Pharlap #a2817f rgb(162,129,127)
San Juan #304272 rgb(48,66,114)
Thunder #302326 rgb(48,35,38)
Fuchsia Blue #7155c4 rgb(113,85,196)
Pelorous #40bcc5 rgb(64,188,197)
Scorpion #606060 rgb(96,96,96)
Green Pea #1e6065 rgb(30,96,101)
Heliotrope #cc84fc rgb(204,132,252)
Electric Violet #ac34fc rgb(172,52,252)
Gunsmoke #868787 rgb(134,135,135)
Java #24b5b8 rgb(36,181,184)
Cod Gray #151515 rgb(21,21,21)
True V #6a55d5 rgb(106,85,213)
Fuchsia Blue #7354c4 rgb(115,84,196)
Tobacco Brown #6c4f44 rgb(108,79,68)
Jacarta #332262 rgb(51,34,98)
Masala #443b38 rgb(68,59,56)
Flame Pea #de5447 rgb(222,84,71)
My Pink #ce947d rgb(206,148,125)
Kabul #6a4c42 rgb(106,76,66)
Nutmeg #782b2b rgb(120,43,43)
Masala #3d3633 rgb(61,54,51)
Cinnabar #e3423c rgb(227,66,60)
Fuchsia Blue #745ac5 rgb(116,90,197)
Del Rio #b29491 rgb(178,148,145)
Matisse #20509a rgb(32,80,154)
Kabul #645145 rgb(100,81,69)
Aquamarine Blue #74cce1 rgb(116,204,225)
Pelorous #47bfc5 rgb(71,191,197)
Nandor #565956 rgb(86,89,86)
Ebony #04040c rgb(4,4,12)
Mid Gray #6c6c74 rgb(108,108,116)
Tropical Blue #c0e0f8 rgb(192,224,248)
Denim #0a5fc1 rgb(10,95,193)
Bali Hai #8598b3 rgb(133,152,179)
Sepia Skin #965141 rgb(150,81,65)
Merlin #463c38 rgb(70,60,56)
Eunry #cd9a92 rgb(205,154,146)
Pelorous #38b8be rgb(56,184,190)
Tapa #757471 rgb(117,116,113)
Port Gore #1f2741 rgb(31,39,65)
Black #040404 rgb(4,4,4)
Mint Tulip #cbf2f5 rgb(203,242,245)

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