FoodCode: a Clean and Modern Cafe & Restaurant Website Template FoodCode: a Clean and Modern Cafe & Restaurant Website Template FoodCode: a Clean and Modern Cafe & Restaurant Website Template

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Food Code is a clean and modern HTML theme for Cafe & Restaurant and any food related business web site. Built with the Bootstrap 3 framework. Food Code support responsive layout so it looks great on all devices with clean and well organized code structure. Easy To use for your need.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Atlantis #93c326 rgb(147,195,38)
Zorba #9e9995 rgb(158,153,149)
Copper Canyon #7f3715 rgb(127,55,21)
English Walnut #443425 rgb(68,52,37)
Whiskey #d5b16e rgb(213,177,110)
Sycamore #869239 rgb(134,146,57)
Gray Chateau #9ea1a5 rgb(158,161,165)
Red Robin #853921 rgb(133,57,33)
Hemlock #5c5c3c rgb(92,92,60)
Anzac #e5ad46 rgb(229,173,70)
Anzac #df9c39 rgb(223,156,57)
Puce #d0949d rgb(208,148,157)
Pacifika #7c8c20 rgb(124,140,32)
Abbey #53555d rgb(83,85,93)
Golden Sand #f1c874 rgb(241,200,116)
Marigold #bc7c2c rgb(188,124,44)
Willow Grove #64745c rgb(100,116,92)
Matisse #1c64a4 rgb(28,100,164)
Kelp #41472c rgb(65,71,44)
Shakespeare #56aed9 rgb(86,174,217)
Shakespeare #3c8ccc rgb(60,140,204)
Fuscous Gray #54524a rgb(84,82,74)
Brown Bramble #641a08 rgb(100,26,8)
Mine Shaft #3c3c3c rgb(60,60,60)
Glacier #78a4c8 rgb(120,164,200)
Atlantis #91bf2c rgb(145,191,44)
Friar Gray #837f79 rgb(131,127,121)
Ebony #060c14 rgb(6,12,20)
Glade Green #5f8163 rgb(95,129,99)
Raw Sienna #d78b4a rgb(215,139,74)
Danube #4d90ca rgb(77,144,202)
Peat #726b53 rgb(114,107,83)
Fern Frond #515c1c rgb(81,92,28)
Zeus #221c17 rgb(34,28,23)
Sorrell Brown #c4a47c rgb(196,164,124)

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