Basix Admin: a VueJS Admin Dashboard Template Basix Admin: a VueJS Admin Dashboard Template Basix Admin: a VueJS Admin Dashboard Template Basix Admin: a VueJS Admin Dashboard Template

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Basix Admin is an Open Source Vuejs Admin Template. Most of all necessary featured are pre developed within the Template. We've added 60+ Widgets and 80+ Components variations. It's not just a admin template, it's all in one to Develop your personal Admin Dashboard.

You can access to 5000+ Icons (Fontawesome, Brandico, Entypo, Fontelico, Glyphicons, Iconic Stroke, Ionicons, Maki, OpenWeb Icons). Advanced Google Maps Integrations will help you set your desired design easily.

The color palette of this template is composed by 39 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Mandy #eb5353 rgb(235,83,83)
De York #93cb93 rgb(147,203,147)
El Salva #884131 rgb(136,65,49)
Trout #4c515b rgb(76,81,91)
Blue Marguerite #6878c9 rgb(104,120,201)
De York #70bc88 rgb(112,188,136)
Delta #b1b1ac rgb(177,177,172)
Boston Blue #349cac rgb(52,156,172)
Shark #2b2c34 rgb(43,44,52)
Aqua Spring #f4fcfb rgb(244,252,251)
Santa Fe #bc734a rgb(188,115,74)
Regent Gray #929ca3 rgb(146,156,163)
Sea Green #30a44d rgb(48,164,77)
Charade #2b2b33 rgb(43,43,51)
Janna #f5eed9 rgb(245,238,217)
Puerto Rico #5dc8a2 rgb(93,200,162)
Manatee #94949c rgb(148,148,156)
Calypso #2c7c8c rgb(44,124,140)
Algae Green #83e4ac rgb(131,228,172)
Downy #59cbbd rgb(89,203,189)
Nevada #6c6f76 rgb(108,111,118)
Eastern Blue #1aa1b5 rgb(26,161,181)
Bermuda #84d7c0 rgb(132,215,192)
Chateau Green #3ca850 rgb(60,168,80)
Lemon Grass #94948c rgb(148,148,140)
Green Pea #22612e rgb(34,97,46)
Mine Shaft #2c2c2c rgb(44,44,44)
Cornflower Blue #5ca4ec rgb(92,164,236)
Silver Tree #70bc8c rgb(112,188,140)
Edward #a4acac rgb(164,172,172)
Azure Radiance #087bf6 rgb(8,123,246)
Friar Gray #838382 rgb(131,131,130)
Eucalyptus #2ba647 rgb(43,166,71)
Mine Shaft #343434 rgb(52,52,52)
Spray #7cd4f1 rgb(124,212,241)
Sea Green #2ea34a rgb(46,163,74)
Oslo Gray #929599 rgb(146,149,153)
Eastern Blue #209ab7 rgb(32,154,183)
Charm #d27080 rgb(210,112,128)

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