Classimax: a Bootstrap Classified Responsive Template Classimax: a Bootstrap Classified Responsive Template Classimax: a Bootstrap Classified Responsive Template

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A good business needs to be globalized. In this days, the internet has been revolutionized and all markets are going to the online. It has been told that an online presence is the must part of any business.

Classified websites are the craze these days. We can see almost anything can sell online these days. Everyone wants to build their own online store, even small firms have their unique store and selling products globally. The websites are like as the home for any online business. To meet this increasing demand, developers have concentrated on creating many e-commerce templates.

The color palette of this template is composed by 34 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Forest Green #24a744 rgb(36,167,68)
Dove Gray #736e6c rgb(115,110,108)
Woodland #4c5e27 rgb(76,94,39)
Armadillo #46453b rgb(70,69,59)
Cornflower Blue #62a7ee rgb(98,167,238)
Antique Brass #c4845c rgb(196,132,92)
Tapa #7c746c rgb(124,116,108)
Irish Coffee #613b23 rgb(97,59,35)
Mine Shaft #2d2c2c rgb(45,44,44)
Malibu #849cfc rgb(132,156,252)
Tussock #c3804f rgb(195,128,79)
Star Dust #979694 rgb(151,150,148)
Vesuvius #a9440d rgb(169,68,13)
Dune #292423 rgb(41,36,35)
Cornflower Blue #5d74e9 rgb(93,116,233)
Caribbean Green #04d4a4 rgb(4,212,164)
Rodeo Dust #c4ac9c rgb(196,172,156)
Deep Sea #028264 rgb(2,130,100)
Chestnut Rose #cc6474 rgb(204,100,116)
Carnation #f85870 rgb(248,88,112)
Nevada #707174 rgb(112,113,116)
Azure #345ca4 rgb(52,92,164)
Scorpion #646060 rgb(100,96,96)
Havelock Blue #5d74dd rgb(93,116,221)
Denim #1b67d3 rgb(27,103,211)
Mountain Mist #959497 rgb(149,148,151)
Mountain Meadow #14c48c rgb(20,196,140)
Tuna #38383d rgb(56,56,61)
Carrot Orange #f38a27 rgb(243,138,39)
Cornflower Blue #5874ed rgb(88,116,237)
Cape Cod #4c4f4f rgb(76,79,79)
Buccaneer #6c3341 rgb(108,51,65)
Nevada #6e6f71 rgb(110,111,113)
Carnation #f35b6d rgb(243,91,109)

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