Aviato: an e-Commerce Website Templat Aviato: an e-Commerce Website Templat Aviato: an e-Commerce Website Templat

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Aviato is the ultimate e-commerce front-end solution based on Bootstrap 3. Along with styling all default components of popular framework it introduces lots of new flexible elements you can use across website. In total 25+ components.

Beside thoroughly designed store front part (homepage, catalog, categories), Aviato includes pages of User Account, Cart, Checkout, etc. to ensure your online shop will provide smooth and engaging user experience. Every successful e-commerce website should have News (Blog) section, About Us information, Contact details, FAQ section to engage with its visitors. Aviato includes all this along with service pages like: 404 Not Found, Search results, etc.Some short of shopping template.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Anzac #dea850 rgb(222,168,80)
Manatee #8c929f rgb(140,146,159)
Sepia #6f4d15 rgb(111,77,21)
Shark #242528 rgb(36,37,40)
Bone #e4d0bf rgb(228,208,191)
Petite Orchid #d9a085 rgb(217,160,133)
Kashmir Blue #506b98 rgb(80,107,152)
Saddle #4a2c20 rgb(74,44,32)
Mirage #171d2f rgb(23,29,47)
Cashmere #e7c0ae rgb(231,192,174)
San Marino #4b75b4 rgb(75,117,180)
Old Rose #c69482 rgb(198,148,130)
Potters Clay #8d5035 rgb(141,80,53)
Cocoa Brown #281d1e rgb(40,29,30)
Tumbleweed #e0ac8f rgb(224,172,143)
Steel Blue #4572bc rgb(69,114,188)
Waikawa Gray #515b97 rgb(81,91,151)
Crete #8c742c rgb(140,116,44)
Ship Gray #3a3444 rgb(58,52,68)
Raffia #ecdcbc rgb(236,220,188)
Keppel #3cacb0 rgb(60,172,176)
Sand Dune #847464 rgb(132,116,100)
Blue Dianne #216062 rgb(33,96,98)
Scorpion #5c5c5c rgb(92,92,92)
Aqua Spring #f4fcfc rgb(244,252,252)
Sundance #c3b155 rgb(195,177,85)
Victoria #4e4c98 rgb(78,76,152)
Jacksons Purple #193480 rgb(25,52,128)
Baltic Sea #241e26 rgb(36,30,38)
Calico #dece87 rgb(222,206,135)
Sanguine Brown #844434 rgb(132,68,52)
Stack #979897 rgb(151,152,151)
Rhino #2c345c rgb(44,52,92)
Cement #886b5d rgb(136,107,93)
Aqua Spring #f3fcf6 rgb(243,252,246)

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