Gorgo: a Carefully Crafted Portfolio Template Gorgo: a Carefully Crafted Portfolio Template Gorgo: a Carefully Crafted Portfolio Template

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Gorgo is a well thought out and crafted with care portfolio template for businesses, corporates or individuals who want to show off their great creations on websites. Whether you create for yourself or for another important, the importance of personality is not lost on any creative individual.

The color palette of this template is composed by 28 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Gorse #fcf451 rgb(252,244,81)
Cape Cod #505151 rgb(80,81,81)
Olive #827c02 rgb(130,124,2)
Gorse #fcfc53 rgb(252,252,83)
Golden Fizz #faf043 rgb(250,240,67)
River Bed #445460 rgb(68,84,96)
Calypso #2e5e80 rgb(46,94,128)
Regent St Blue #a4dbe4 rgb(164,219,228)
Golden Fizz #fbf246 rgb(251,242,70)
Indian Khaki #bebc8f rgb(190,188,143)
Sahara #a4960e rgb(164,150,14)
Shark #282b2e rgb(40,43,46)
Downy #66bcce rgb(102,188,206)
Purple Heart #6434cc rgb(100,52,204)
Abbey #575858 rgb(87,88,88)
Meteorite #331a69 rgb(51,26,105)
Bright Turquoise #34fbcb rgb(52,251,203)
Corduroy #6a7571 rgb(106,117,113)
Mine Shaft #2c2c2c rgb(44,44,44)
Carnation #f44c63 rgb(244,76,99)
Rolling Stone #727375 rgb(114,115,117)
Tosca #8e4740 rgb(142,71,64)
Mine Shaft #2d2d2d rgb(45,45,45)
Turquoise Blue #5fe8c6 rgb(95,232,198)
Ocean Green #4ab495 rgb(74,180,149)
Shadow Green #8ec4b4 rgb(142,196,180)
Timber Green #132e26 rgb(19,46,38)
Padua #9ee4cc rgb(158,228,204)

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