Fiction: a Bootstrap Agency Website Template Fiction: a Bootstrap Agency Website Template Fiction: a Bootstrap Agency Website Template Fiction: a Bootstrap Agency Website Template

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As the saying goes by Elliott Abrams, ‘First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.’ As true as it is for people, it is perhaps more true for their digital presence. Getting that first impression to be splendid doesn’t come easy. A cluttered, outdated look for a company that boasts its postmodern hues is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a company online.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Mongoose #be9c78 rgb(190,156,120)
Abbey #585c5d rgb(88,92,93)
Shingle Fawn #6c5434 rgb(108,84,52)
Mineral Green #405857 rgb(64,88,87)
Calico #ddbc88 rgb(221,188,136)
Hot Toddy #c07608 rgb(192,118,8)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
Oregon #983004 rgb(152,48,4)
Outer Space #383c3f rgb(56,60,63)
Brandy #dec299 rgb(222,194,153)
Totem Pole #993005 rgb(153,48,5)
Gunsmoke #7f8783 rgb(127,135,131)
Hot Toddy #bf7707 rgb(191,119,7)
Dove Gray #696969 rgb(105,105,105)
Brandy #dfc5a1 rgb(223,197,161)
Royal Purple #783ca4 rgb(120,60,164)
Fedora #747374 rgb(116,115,116)
Asphalt #0c0404 rgb(12,4,4)
Corduroy #626363 rgb(98,99,99)
Straw #d7b584 rgb(215,181,132)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Shingle Fawn #695431 rgb(105,84,49)
Mineral Green #475c5c rgb(71,92,92)
Zombie #e5c89c rgb(229,200,156)
Astral #389498 rgb(56,148,152)
Abbey #54595b rgb(84,89,91)
Cape Cod #374444 rgb(55,68,68)
Purple Heart #6838c0 rgb(104,56,192)
River Bed #4b5b62 rgb(75,91,98)
Karaka #0c0c04 rgb(12,12,4)
Corduroy #686c6a rgb(104,108,106)
Chardonnay #fccc8c rgb(252,204,140)
Driftwood #b1884d rgb(177,136,77)
Nevada #5f6162 rgb(95,97,98)
Irish Coffee #5a4527 rgb(90,69,39)
River Bed #445356 rgb(68,83,86)
Kumera #915929 rgb(145,89,41)
Blue Bayoux #4a6a7f rgb(74,106,127)
Espresso #5b2518 rgb(91,37,24)
Corduroy #696b6a rgb(105,107,106)
Marzipan #f8d097 rgb(248,208,151)

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