Vex: a Bootstrap 4 Product Landing Page Website Template Vex: a Bootstrap 4 Product Landing Page Website Template Vex: a Bootstrap 4 Product Landing Page Website Template

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To give a quick overview of your product to customers, a landing page is a most important thing to do that successfully. Vex Bootstrap 4 Single Product Landing Page Template can help you converting your reader into customers with minimal effort. Most of the business owner like to have a well designed landing pages to describe the products. Vex Bootstrap 4 Landing Page Template is such a well-crafted landing page. That helps you building a meticulously crafted landing page with nice looking on your website.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Yellow Orange #faa846 rgb(250,168,70)
Dusty Gray #979797 rgb(151,151,151)
Forest Green #20a424 rgb(32,164,36)
Tuna #3b3c44 rgb(59,60,68)
Manhattan #f4c589 rgb(244,197,137)
Yellow Orange #fba444 rgb(251,164,68)
Jumbo #747479 rgb(116,116,121)
Peru Tan #814502 rgb(129,69,2)
Woodsmoke #151617 rgb(21,22,23)
Aths Special #f0ead8 rgb(240,234,216)
Tan #d0ab82 rgb(208,171,130)
Abbey #505558 rgb(80,85,88)
Old Copper #7c5434 rgb(124,84,52)
Black #050505 rgb(5,5,5)
Ecru White #f8f7ea rgb(248,247,234)
New York Pink #d07b76 rgb(208,123,118)
Finlandia #5c645c rgb(92,100,92)
Cumin #8c4c24 rgb(140,76,36)
Emperor #505050 rgb(80,80,80)
Flamingo #ee4e48 rgb(238,78,72)
Texas Rose #fcaf56 rgb(252,175,86)
Leather #a46c5c rgb(164,108,92)
Peru Tan #824602 rgb(130,70,2)
Don Juan #5c4c48 rgb(92,76,72)
Manhattan #f4cc8c rgb(244,204,140)
Casablanca #f7a645 rgb(247,166,69)
Zambezi #605655 rgb(96,86,85)
Sycamore #7a9742 rgb(122,151,66)
Fuscous Gray #4c4d4b rgb(76,77,75)
Carnation #f2504b rgb(242,80,75)
Casablanca #f9a747 rgb(249,167,71)
Mountain Mist #8e8d8f rgb(142,141,143)
Peru Tan #804704 rgb(128,71,4)
Dune #393432 rgb(57,52,50)
Brandy #dec3a0 rgb(222,195,160)

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