Bizcraft: a Multipurpose Business Website Template Bizcraft: a Multipurpose Business Website Template Bizcraft: a Multipurpose Business Website Template Bizcraft: a Multipurpose Business Website Template Bizcraft: a Multipurpose Business Website Template

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Want to start a new website for your company or startup to show your creativity to the world? If yes, Bizcraft will be a good choice indeed. Simple but attractive appearance with enormous elegant features allows more convenience to your visitors .Don’t forget to choose your favorite version of the homepage as Bizcraft provides four different variations with six color style. Aside from the dynamic homepages, the sticky menu bar contains six different sections with additional pages. Under the company section, you will get five different pages including About, Service, Career, Testimonials, and FAQ that allows a multi-dimensional opportunity to present your startup gorgeously to the visitors.

The color palette of this template is composed by 52 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Pomegranate #ea3c25 rgb(234,60,37)
Scorpion #5c5b5c rgb(92,91,92)
Eclipse #281711 rgb(40,23,17)
Emperor #544b47 rgb(84,75,71)
Tonys Pink #e28d7c rgb(226,141,124)
Cinnabar #e33d28 rgb(227,61,40)
Soya Bean #6f6150 rgb(111,97,80)
Nutmeg #74342b rgb(116,52,43)
Dune #343231 rgb(52,50,49)
Chestnut Rose #d45c54 rgb(212,92,84)
Cinnabar #e43f2c rgb(228,63,44)
Flint #6f6a64 rgb(111,106,100)
Graphite #291108 rgb(41,17,8)
Kabul #614c42 rgb(97,76,66)
Japonica #d96f6c rgb(217,111,108)
Nutmeg #7d382f rgb(125,56,47)
Sandal #b0856c rgb(176,133,108)
Irish Coffee #602b24 rgb(96,43,36)
Mine Shaft #211e1e rgb(33,30,30)
Cameo #d6ad96 rgb(214,173,150)
Cinnabar #e73e27 rgb(231,62,39)
Dusty Gray #a09b9d rgb(160,155,157)
Dark Tan #77190d rgb(119,25,13)
Cod Gray #201d1c rgb(32,29,28)
Santa Fe #b96f61 rgb(185,111,97)
Nutmeg #7c342c rgb(124,52,44)
Oslo Gray #949698 rgb(148,150,152)
Ebony #140c1c rgb(20,12,28)
Tundora #4c4546 rgb(76,69,70)
Burning Sand #d48f77 rgb(212,143,119)
Oriental Pink #c59e82 rgb(197,158,130)
Dorado #6d605b rgb(109,96,91)
Metallic Copper #69251f rgb(105,37,31)
Tundora #443c3c rgb(68,60,60)
Cameo #ddbba3 rgb(221,187,163)
Pomegranate #eb3b24 rgb(235,59,36)
Scorpion #5a5757 rgb(90,87,87)
Cod Gray #191919 rgb(25,25,25)
Froly #f49084 rgb(244,144,132)
Cinnabar #e43a24 rgb(228,58,36)
Oslo Gray #848c94 rgb(132,140,148)
Nutmeg #763526 rgb(118,53,38)
Masala #444140 rgb(68,65,64)
Rose Fog #e0b4ac rgb(224,180,172)
Gray #929292 rgb(146,146,146)
Cloud Burst #243959 rgb(36,57,89)
Cod Gray #191818 rgb(25,24,24)
Japonica #d8806f rgb(216,128,111)
Cinnabar #e83d26 rgb(232,61,38)
Sandstone #756a5f rgb(117,106,95)
Moccaccino #6a1f13 rgb(106,31,19)
Masala #43403f rgb(67,64,63)

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