Parsa: an Expedite, Cozy and Responsive Personal Blog Template Parsa: an Expedite, Cozy and Responsive Personal Blog Template

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Parsa is an expedite, cozy, gorgeous responsive personal blog template. It’s crafted with well-planned attention for a personal blog site. It features an affluent search bar that allows your visitors to find out their desired blog post quickly. Moreover, beginners friendly feature allows for easy installation and customization. The functional features allow you the basic customization of your website effortlessly. Parsa is based on the bootstrap framework and responsive to all modern devices and browsers.

The color palette of this template is composed by 25 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Ming #37787d rgb(55,120,125)
Smalt Blue #518285 rgb(81,130,133)
Camouflage #374716 rgb(55,71,22)
Black Olive #1f2312 rgb(31,35,18)
Brandy #e1b99e rgb(225,185,158)
Roman #d66351 rgb(214,99,81)
Leather #9c6a55 rgb(156,106,85)
Quincy #5d382c rgb(93,56,44)
Chalet Green #657c3c rgb(101,124,60)
Gold Sand #e9b984 rgb(233,185,132)
Burnt Sienna #e28a48 rgb(226,138,72)
Mid Gray #606370 rgb(96,99,112)
Red Robin #85391f rgb(133,57,31)
Don Juan #5c545c rgb(92,84,92)
Laser #caa777 rgb(202,167,119)
Casablanca #f3b545 rgb(243,181,69)
Copper Rust #925247 rgb(146,82,71)
Vida Loca #63a31d rgb(99,163,29)
Shark #1e2223 rgb(30,34,35)
Sorrell Brown #d2bd94 rgb(210,189,148)
Indian Khaki #c3aa82 rgb(195,170,130)
Bombay #abadb2 rgb(171,173,178)
Nutmeg #7d4224 rgb(125,66,36)
Fuscous Gray #51544b rgb(81,84,75)
Jaffa #f39949 rgb(243,153,73)

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